Version 3.16.9

Hello Ultimates 🙂

This update brings you a few fixes for those who came across some issues in the previous version.

Many users approached us saying that a “Token invalid error” appeared while trying to activate their license. Version 3.16.9 fixes this error now everyone can activate your license with just a single click!

Users facing this issue still need to activate their license to download this update in your dashboard, In such cases, we request users to use the alternative method of license activation, i.e. click on the link that says “Activate License using purchase key”. You’ll find this link on the bottom right of your Product License page. Here is an article that will help you activate your license using the purchase key.

Here is a brief list of fixes we’ve released in this update:

  • Fix: Token invalid error appearing for some users when activating the license. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Fix: Dual button icon images not aligned to center
  • Fix: Dual button second button linking to the first buttons link
  • Fix: Dual button first button background size option not working when “Design your own” option is selected
  • Fix: Advanced Tabs causing JavaScript errors on pages with anchors having # links
  • Fix: Advanced button “rel” option not working
  • Fix: Some users having issues with appear animations not triggering correctly when the row/element is in the viewport.

In the Closing!

Like always, we are determined to present you the best! We’ll make sure everything works well for everyone. If you have activated your license, you’ll soon get a notification for an update. Please update the plugin from the Updates page in your WordPress backend.

Feel free to get in touch with us, in case you need any further help or guidance.