Version 3.16.8

Hello to our Ultimate users playing with the Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer. Well, it’s been quite a bit since we brought about a change. So, here we are back with a massive update in Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer version 3.16.8.

Without further adieu, let’s take a look at what’s new:

WPML Compatibility!

WPML is a very popular plugin among many of you. But for quite sometime, the compatibility with WPML was kind of broken. So for the past few weeks, we worked with the team WPML closely and ensured our plugins are compatible. So far, Ultimate Addons is the only 100% WPML compatible Visual Composer addon 🙂

Cheers to the amazing team at WPML for the cooperation. Below is a quick video team WPML made with a quick walkthrough. Or read their blog post here.

RTL Support

Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer is now 100% compatible with RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, etc.


A New Way to Activate Your License

We made major changes in our license activation / registration process to make it easier and smoother. Now you can just login with Envato oAuth APIs and activate your license quickly!

Let me quickly share the steps how does it work now –

  • Once the plugin is installed, navigate to Ultimate → Product License and click on “Activate License” button
  • It will take you to Envato site which is the parent company of ThemeForest / CodeCanyon. Please login with your account.
  • Click Approve
  • And finally.. click the button on the next screen and activate your license. It will take you back to your website and your license will be active.

Well, if you have already registered your license, worry not! You won’t need to do a thing as your license registration will be automatically migrated. And for those of you, who ask customers to purchase a license and usually don’t have access to their Envato account, we’ve got you covered! You can still just ask them the purchase key and register with it.

Changes in Update Method

To provide a smoother experience, we had developed and implemented a custom method to offer Automatic Updates functionality. However, it had some drawbacks such as incompatibility with WP CLI and other softwares like Infinite WP that offer you functionality to manage websites remotely.

With version 3.16.8, we’re now using standard WordPress functions which means you can update the plugin just as you any other plugin from repository! Just register your license once and enjoy smooth automatic updates 🙂


Changes in our Support Portal

We’ve completely revamped our support site and you no more need to create account or login to your account to reach out to us. Now just fill out a simple form to open up your ticket 🙂


And that’s not all! There are many improvements and fixes we added in this release. Take a look at the detailed changelog below:

  • An option to pause on hover or center mode in Advanced Carousel
  • An option to switch to another tab by using the tab-index number
  • An option to align the title in an expandable section element
  • Margin / Padding options for Highlight box
  • Options to select zoom control positions for Google Maps Element
  • Typography options for the Countdown element

Apart from these, there are several improvements and fixes we’ve worked on. Here is a brief introduction for all of them.

  • Improvement: Added Area labels for Next/Prev buttons in Advanced Carousel
  • Improvement: RTL Support for all elements
  • Improvement: Rel and Title tag for all the links in all elements
  • Improvement: Maps – Added option to enable/disable dragging effect on desktop
  • Improvement: Info Box – Added option to select heading tags for title
  • Improvement: Modal Box – Added support for hosted videos in the modal box. Add any video with WordPress media selector and Select “Hosted video” in option.
  • Improvement: Optimized images in the plugin’s package
  • Fixed: Ultimate Addons menu not being registered in some multisite environments
  • Fixed: JavaScript files not being loaded on pages even if shortcode was present on a page
  • Fixed: Animation effects in advanced carousel not working
  • Fixed: Interactive banner 2 – Multiple interactive banners opening links in new tab. Each link did not open in a new tab, rather loaded the page in the same tab.
  • Fixed: Info list – List alignment set to right, breaks the content alignment to enter
  • Fixed: Disable Parallax on mobile option not working
  • Fixed: Insufficient memory error when activating the plugin from WP-CLI
  • Fixed: Center alignment of Flip boxes not working on mobile devices

Last, but not the least – Please Update!

Since we’ve made changes in the update method, one click auto updates with old method will be supported for roughly next 50 days, i.e. until April 20th, 2017. Of course, you will be able to manually update the plugin at anytime later (Through FTP or by reinstalling the plugin)

Not sure how to update any version before 3.16.8? Here is an article from our knowledge base. 

Well, that’s about it for today! Try out the new version and let us know how you find it 🙂

Best Regards,
Sujay and whole UAVC team.