Version 3.16.18

Howdy People!

5 days down the lane and we are back with a quick update – A security update this time!

We have introduced a Security Fix in the Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer version 3.16.18.

  • Security Fix: A cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability was discovered in HTML links. WordPress core has patched it’s vulnerability in 4.8.2 release and we’ve fixed it for Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer.

Although this is a security update, there is nothing much to worry if you update the Ultimate Addons soon.

You will soon receive an update notification in your WordPress backend. If not, please make sure you’ve activated your license key. You can then proceed updating the Ultimate Addons from the Updates page in your WordPress backend.

Looking for another feature or improvement in the plugin? Or just wish to speak out your mind? Please feel free to write to us!

Version 3.16.17

Its mid-September, already the 9th month of the year!

Days move on fast… and so do our developers who work tirelessly to present to you a new update every fortnight! We are here to introduce the Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer version 3.16.17.

With this update, we bring in more improvements and fixes you’ve been looking for. We’ve added features like the modal close icon design feature, modal close on ESC key, hover color option for button in modal and more.

Let us take a look at the changelog in brief:

  • Improvement: Added modal Close icon design feature.
  • Improvement: Added modal popup close on ESC key.
  • Improvement: Added hover color option for button in Modal.
  • Improvement: Added modal hide feature on page load for mobile/tablet devices.
  • Improvement: Advance Tab navigation icon for accordion updated.
  • Fixed: Need to change CSS for pan style in Info banner element.
  • Fixed: Info circle responsive issue.

You will soon receive an update notification in your WordPress backend. If not, please make sure you’ve activated your license key. You can then proceed updating the Ultimate Addons from the Updates page in your WordPress backend.

Looking for another feature or improvement in the plugin? Or just wish to speak out your mind? Please feel free to write to us!


Version 3.16.16

How about a Month End Update? 😉

Yes, we are back with an update with some more improvements and fixes that you asked for. As informed in the earlier updates, we are currently working on user requests for improvements and fixes that they asked for.

Let us take a look at the changelog in brief.

  • Improvement: Advanced Tab ID is now editable.
  • Improvement: Link markup condition for team element needs improvement.
  • Improvement: Added image alignment option for an image in image separator.
  • Fix: Row separator tilt left right issue.
  • Fix: Info-Circle does not include image in the description area.
  • Fix: Info-Circle animation not working properly.
  • Fix: Background video height issue.
  • Fix: Video background placeholder images do not show up after video completes.
  • Fix: Timeline right side item spacing issue.
  • Fix: Timeline has HTML markup issue and point issue.
  • Fix: Scripts loading issue in Carousel.
  • Fix: Scripts loading issue in Fancy text.

You will soon receive an update notification in your WordPress backend. You can then proceed updating the Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer from your Updates page. Trouble seeing the notification? Please make sure you have activated your license.

Came across an issue, or have something to say? You can get in touch with us! We’ll be happy to serve you. 🙂

Version 3.16.15

Hello Everyone!

We are back with an update as promised a day ago!

I am here to present to you the Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer version 3.16.15. Like a few recent versions, this version too comes with a few improvements and fixes. But, again, you can’t afford to miss this. The things we’ve worked on are those requested by users like you. 🙂

Lets take a quick look at the changelog here:

  • Improvement: Added tag options for titles in Flipbox.
  • Improvement: iHover style addition.
  • Fix: Info List icon postion in RTL should not change.
  • Fix: Fancy text slide up effect is not working in the Advanced tab.
  • Fix: Advanced carousel dot navigation color option is not working.
  • Fix: Dual button getting collapse in expandable section.
  • Fix: Carousel loading issue in tabs.
  • Fix: Interactive banner-2 title alignment issue.
  • Fix: iHover style not working in Internet Explorer.

As always, we’ll are working on many more improvements that you will see in the upcoming updates.

You will soon receive an updates notification in your WordPress backend, after which you can proceed updating the Ultimate Addons through your Updates page. Please make sure you have activated your license, to receive the update notification.

Have something to say? We love to gather feedback and suggestions that we can work on. Please feel free to get in touch. 🙂



Here is a quick one!

Although a minor update, this is a fix we needed to release asap. 🙂

Many users contacted us saying that our elements were getting converted into text-blocks. We fixed this quick!

A quick look at the change in this update:

  • Fix: Element converting into text-blocks.

As mentioned earlier, this is just a quick update. We’ll be back with a detailed one in a couple of days. 🙂

Version 3.16.14

Two weeks down and we’ve got an update!

The Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer version 3.16.14 comes with many more improvements and fixes that make it even better with features and fixes that you had asked for.

Lets quickly take a look at the changelog in brief.

  • Improvement: Added div, paragraph and span tag options with heading tags for title in elements.
  • Improvement: Interactive banner – Added Title tags option.
  • Improvement: iHover – Added Title tags option.
  • Improvement: Compress plugin images.
  • Fix: Timeline issue with the link.
  • Fix: Info box alignment issue with icon at right with heading.
  • Fix: Dual button font size and line height option not working.
  • Fix: Hotspot RTL Compatibility.
  • Fix: Just icon tooltip text is not working.
  • Fix: Fatal error for re-declaration class in modules.
  • Fix: Advanced tabs scroll issue on click of tab.

Didn’t find the feature you’ve been looking for? Our team has queued all your requirements and added them to our to-do list. Just like the recent updates, we’ll make sure we come back with more. Stay tuned!

Until then, you can go ahead using the latest version by updating the Ultimate Addons on your website. You will soon receive a notification in your WordPress backend, after which you can update the plugin from the Updates page. Please make sure you have activated your license to receive update notifications.

Have something to say? We would love to hear from you. You can always get in touch. 🙂

Version 3.16.13

Hello Ultimates!

Yayy! The Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer has reached over 40000+ direct customers.

On behalf of the entire team at Brainstorm Force, I take this opportunity to thank each one of you for being a wonderful customer and for all your love and support you’ve extended towards us. We promise to keep making your journey ultimate and support you in all your needs.

Today, I am here to present to you the Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer version 3.16.13. In this update, we revamped our codebase focusing on the performance and improved it by around 200%. Another effort to make the Ultimate Addons a stable, secure and performance oriented plugin for you all.
Here is the changelog in brief:

  • Improvement: Optimize all the plugin code.
  • Improvement: Provide filters for theme authors to disable enqueuing google fonts in the front end.
  • Fix: Flipbox flip not working on some of the websites.

If you wish to use the secure, stable and performance oriented Ultimate Addons without any hurdles, we would recommend you to update the plugin now. Make sure you have activated your license to receive an update notification and update the plugin from the Updates page in your WordPress backend.\

Need help or guidance for anything? You can always write to us. 🙂

Whats more?
Performance has always been on our mind! Our team is determined to make high performing plugins and themes that work great in all environments.

We’ve recently launched our fastest WordPress theme, Astra that is determined to ease the process of Website design and development, making your website load faster than ever!

Astra is a free theme available on the WordPress repository and is 100% compatible with all major page builders. Yes, that means Astra flawlessly works with Visual Composer too!

Astra is accompanied by Astra Pro; a plugin that enhances the capabilities of Astra without affecting the performance. This means that you can take complete control of designing and building a beautiful website without worrying about the website speed.

Astra is free, while Astra Pro will be a paid plugin that can be used with the theme. However, we’ve introduced a pre-launch program for Astra Pro, where you can get a free copy of the plugin and use it with the theme. Sign up now and be a part of the pre-launch program.

You can read more about Astra on the website and join our Facebook group to be a part of the wonderful community where we carry on discussions, take suggestions, answer queries and more.

Security Updates: Immediate Update Recommended

The Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer v3.16.12 was released on 3rd May 2017. If you have not updated, please do so immediately. If you have already updated to the latest version, then you can sit back and relax.

The last two updates (v3.16.11 and v3.16.12) of Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer are focused towards fixing Vulnerabilities disclosed by WPHutte. The vulnerabilities that are fixed are as follows:

  • Stored XSS
  • Remote Code Execution

Having fixed these vulnerabilities, we have also improved the overall security by checking user capabilities when performing any AJAX actions, checking nonces when submitting forms and overall improved sanitation of data to ensure nothing similar arises in the time to come.

We would like to thank WPHutte for reporting the vulnerabilities privately and giving us enough time to patch and release the updates before disclosing the information publicly.

Since this is a security update, we request you to make sure you update the Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer as soon as possible; so that nothing affects you in the near future.

If you have activated your license, you should get an update notification soon. Please update the plugin from the Updates page in your WordPress backend.

If you have received Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer bundled with a theme, you will have to contact your theme author for the latest version of the plugin or purchase independent license directly from us to receive automatic on-time updates and first party support.

Saying this, we just want to assure that we at Brainstorm Force, have always and will continue to deliver the best possible product that is both safe and useful to use.

Please feel free to get in touch with us, in case you need any further help. 🙂

Version 3.16.12


We are back with a quick update!

We came across an issue that some users faced. They found a PHP warning while using the font manager in the front end. The Ultimate Addon for Visual Composer version 3.16.12 comes with a fix for it.

Update in brief:

– Fix: PHP Warning in font manager appearing on front end for some users.

We request you to please update the plugin and avoid a similar issue at your end. You should get a notification soon if you have successfully activated the plugin.

Please update the plugin from the Updates Page in your WordPress backend.

Have any suggestions, feedback or queries to share. Please feel free to get in touch with us. 🙂

Version 3.16.11

Hello Peeps!

It’s summer time here in India…And it’s raining updates at Brainstorm Force!

We released a couple of updates for the products and are here with an important Security update for the Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer.

We were notified about a vulnerability. Thanks to WPHutte for letting us know! We’ve worked on this and have fixed it in the Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer version 3.16.11. Along with the reported issue, we have also dived in to check the other loose ends and made sure they are now secure.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you update the plugin asap.

In the previous update we had fixed an incompatibility issue with WooCommerce v3.0. But, we still came across a few others with WooCommerce v3.0.4. UAVC version 3.16.11 comes with a fix for this too.

Here is a quick look at the changelog of this update:

– Improvement: Overall security of the plugin by added sanitization wherever required, All the Ajax actions are now checked for user capabilities and nounce to harden the security.
– Fix: Dual button not working properly for the second style.
– Fix: WooCommere compatibility for version v3.0.4.

Since this is a security update, we request you to make sure you update the Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer as soon as possible; so that nothing affects you in the near future.

If you have activated your license, you should get an update notification soon. Please update the plugin from the Updates page in your WordPress backend.

Please feel free to get in touch with us, in case you need any further help. 🙂

What’s more?

Having released an update for ConvertPlug early this week, then an update for the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, and now one for the Ultimnate Addons for Visual Composer, it’s been a busy week for us!

But, that’s not all! We’ve been working on a theme that is so far the fastest, best performing lightweight theme ever.

We named it Astra! …and it will be released soon.

Want to know more about this theme? Join our dedicated Facebook group and be among the first ones to experience this theme. Astra is easy to use and can be used with your favorite page builders; Yes, Visual Composer too!

Looking forward to see you there. 🙂


Version 3.16.10

Hello! 🙂

It’s been a month since we last wrote to you. And we are back with another update!

Although a minor one, this update has a number of fixes along with a fix for the conflict between the Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer and Woocommerce version 3.0.

Let us quickly go through the highlights of the update –

  • Fix: JavaScript error on WooCommerce v3.0 product pages.
  • Fix: Google Fonts Manager loading fonts with HTTP instead of HTTPS in the preview.
  • Fix: Google Fonts URL returning 404 if the generated URL had duplicate ‘|’ character.
  • Fix: Option disable parallax on mobile not working.
  • Fix: Info list aligning besides each other instead of one below other.

In the Closing!

As promised, we are determined to give you the best in your ultimate journey of website building! We request you to make sure you update the plugin asap, so that you do not miss on these fixes. If you have activated your license, you’ll soon get a notification for an update. Please update the plugin from the Updates page in your WordPress backend.

Please feel free to get in touch with us, in case you need any help or guidance. 🙂

Version 3.16.9

Hello Ultimates 🙂

This update brings you a few fixes for those who came across some issues in the previous version.

Many users approached us saying that a “Token invalid error” appeared while trying to activate their license. Version 3.16.9 fixes this error now everyone can activate your license with just a single click!

Users facing this issue still need to activate their license to download this update in your dashboard, In such cases, we request users to use the alternative method of license activation, i.e. click on the link that says “Activate License using purchase key”. You’ll find this link on the bottom right of your Product License page. Here is an article that will help you activate your license using the purchase key.

Here is a brief list of fixes we’ve released in this update:

  • Fix: Token invalid error appearing for some users when activating the license. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Fix: Dual button icon images not aligned to center
  • Fix: Dual button second button linking to the first buttons link
  • Fix: Dual button first button background size option not working when “Design your own” option is selected
  • Fix: Advanced Tabs causing JavaScript errors on pages with anchors having # links
  • Fix: Advanced button “rel” option not working
  • Fix: Some users having issues with appear animations not triggering correctly when the row/element is in the viewport.

In the Closing!

Like always, we are determined to present you the best! We’ll make sure everything works well for everyone. If you have activated your license, you’ll soon get a notification for an update. Please update the plugin from the Updates page in your WordPress backend.

Feel free to get in touch with us, in case you need any further help or guidance.

Version 3.16.8

Hello to our Ultimate users playing with the Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer. Well, it’s been quite a bit since we brought about a change. So, here we are back with a massive update in Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer version 3.16.8.

Without further adieu, let’s take a look at what’s new:

WPML Compatibility!

WPML is a very popular plugin among many of you. But for quite sometime, the compatibility with WPML was kind of broken. So for the past few weeks, we worked with the team WPML closely and ensured our plugins are compatible. So far, Ultimate Addons is the only 100% WPML compatible Visual Composer addon 🙂

Cheers to the amazing team at WPML for the cooperation. Below is a quick video team WPML made with a quick walkthrough. Or read their blog post here.

RTL Support

Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer is now 100% compatible with RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, etc.


A New Way to Activate Your License

We made major changes in our license activation / registration process to make it easier and smoother. Now you can just login with Envato oAuth APIs and activate your license quickly!

Let me quickly share the steps how does it work now –

  • Once the plugin is installed, navigate to Ultimate → Product License and click on “Activate License” button
  • It will take you to Envato site which is the parent company of ThemeForest / CodeCanyon. Please login with your account.
  • Click Approve
  • And finally.. click the button on the next screen and activate your license. It will take you back to your website and your license will be active.

Well, if you have already registered your license, worry not! You won’t need to do a thing as your license registration will be automatically migrated. And for those of you, who ask customers to purchase a license and usually don’t have access to their Envato account, we’ve got you covered! You can still just ask them the purchase key and register with it.

Changes in Update Method

To provide a smoother experience, we had developed and implemented a custom method to offer Automatic Updates functionality. However, it had some drawbacks such as incompatibility with WP CLI and other softwares like Infinite WP that offer you functionality to manage websites remotely.

With version 3.16.8, we’re now using standard WordPress functions which means you can update the plugin just as you any other plugin from repository! Just register your license once and enjoy smooth automatic updates 🙂


Changes in our Support Portal

We’ve completely revamped our support site and you no more need to create account or login to your account to reach out to us. Now just fill out a simple form to open up your ticket 🙂


And that’s not all! There are many improvements and fixes we added in this release. Take a look at the detailed changelog below:

  • An option to pause on hover or center mode in Advanced Carousel
  • An option to switch to another tab by using the tab-index number
  • An option to align the title in an expandable section element
  • Margin / Padding options for Highlight box
  • Options to select zoom control positions for Google Maps Element
  • Typography options for the Countdown element

Apart from these, there are several improvements and fixes we’ve worked on. Here is a brief introduction for all of them.

  • Improvement: Added Area labels for Next/Prev buttons in Advanced Carousel
  • Improvement: RTL Support for all elements
  • Improvement: Rel and Title tag for all the links in all elements
  • Improvement: Maps – Added option to enable/disable dragging effect on desktop
  • Improvement: Info Box – Added option to select heading tags for title
  • Improvement: Modal Box – Added support for hosted videos in the modal box. Add any video with WordPress media selector and Select “Hosted video” in option.
  • Improvement: Optimized images in the plugin’s package
  • Fixed: Ultimate Addons menu not being registered in some multisite environments
  • Fixed: JavaScript files not being loaded on pages even if shortcode was present on a page
  • Fixed: Animation effects in advanced carousel not working
  • Fixed: Interactive banner 2 – Multiple interactive banners opening links in new tab. Each link did not open in a new tab, rather loaded the page in the same tab.
  • Fixed: Info list – List alignment set to right, breaks the content alignment to enter
  • Fixed: Disable Parallax on mobile option not working
  • Fixed: Insufficient memory error when activating the plugin from WP-CLI
  • Fixed: Center alignment of Flip boxes not working on mobile devices

Last, but not the least – Please Update!

Since we’ve made changes in the update method, one click auto updates with old method will be supported for roughly next 50 days, i.e. until April 20th, 2017. Of course, you will be able to manually update the plugin at anytime later (Through FTP or by reinstalling the plugin)

Not sure how to update any version before 3.16.8? Here is an article from our knowledge base. 

Well, that’s about it for today! Try out the new version and let us know how you find it 🙂

Best Regards,
Sujay and whole UAVC team.

Version 3.16.7

– Fixed: Appear animation conflict causing pages to creash in salient theme.
– Fixed: Flip boxes not working when added inside advanced carousel on mobile phones.
– Fixed: Info list causing descriptions not aligned in the center of adjacent icons.
– Fixed: Appear animation breaking for some users.
– Updaed slick js to latest version which fixes compatibility issues in Ultimate Carousel.
– Lots of minor bug fixes and browser compatibility fixes.

Version 3.16.6

Highlights –
– Fixed: Font Icons – SSL issue for $_SERVER[HTTPS] failing
– Fixed: Icon Manager – Font zip are not showing after being uploaded
– Fixed: Icon Manager – Filetype x-zip allowed to upload
– Fixed: Advanced Button – Animation issue while background image applied
– Fixed: Video backgrounds – Safari browser alignment issue
– Improvement: Google Maps – Changed Google Map policy support to new domains with API key required –

Fixed: Font Icons – SSL issue for $_SERVER[HTTPS] failing

Recently, we have fixed the SSL issue. The fonts are not loading over HTTPS.
We have used $_SERVER[HTTPS] variable to check SSL although sometimes it is failing to provide the correct result.

Hence we have added a fallback method to check SSL.

Fixed: Icon Manager – Font zip are not showing after being uploaded

Due to recent WP updates, zips are not showing in Icon manager as soon as they are uploaded in media. And user required to refresh the page.
We have fixed this issue and now it is working perfectly.

Fixed: Icon Manager – Filetype x-zip allowed to upload

Recently we came across some weird issue. One of the users could not able to upload fonts as our script returning “Invalid ZIP file” error.
After debugging we found the server is returning x-zip file format hence our script is now allowing to proceed.

We have added x-zip file type support for Icon Manager.

Fixed: Advanced Button – Animation issue while background image applied

Animation was not working well while we used background images


Fixed: Video backgrounds – Safari browser alignment issue

In Safari browser the video is moved a bit down unnecessary.
We have added browser-specific CSS to resolve this issue.

Improvement: Google Maps – Changed Google Map policy support to new domains with API key required

Are you facing issue with Google Maps? Such as –


Well, this is because of two reasons –
1. Changed policy of Google Map API
2. Your domain must be created after June 22, 2016

Recent Google policy states that you must enter Google Map API key to keeping using of Google Maps.

Here we have added an option where a user can enter their key for Google Maps.


Note – The domains which are created before June 22, 2016, won’t necessary to create API key, the maps will continue to work without a key.

Read detailed information here –

Version 3.16.4

– Fixed: Video Backgrounds – VC stretch row and full height conflict
– Fixed: Hosted Video background – JS console error
– Fixed: IB 2 – Style 11 iOS issue
– Fixed: Image param – content pass as array instead string
– Fixed: Hotspot – Misalignment
– Fixed: Row Backgrounds – Image separator conflict with full height option
– Fixed: Admin – Redux CSS conflicts with UAVC
– Fixed: Timeline – Backend structure break due image alignment
– Fixed: Multiple video backgrounds – Poster images not showing on mobile devices
– Improvement – Advanced Tabs – Responsive accordion scroll to container on open tab option –
– Improvement – Advanced Button – Inline alignment option added to display buttons inline –
– BSF Core v1.17 – Misc Improvements

Version 3.16.3

– Fixed: BSF Core – fatal error issue
– Fixed: Fancy Text – Pause on hover disable issue
– Fixed: Font icons issue over https protocol
– Fixed: Advanced Tabs – VC’s Image Gallery not working
– Improvement: Control Access to Ultimate Addons General Setting to different user roles. –

Version 3.16.2

– Improvement: ultimate_images filter used for WPRocket
– Improvement: Info Circle – Responsive icon/image
– Improvement: Expandable Section – Optimized jQuery-UI library
– Fixed: YouTube Video Background – VC stretch row conflict
– Fixed: Advanced Button – Spelling mistake
– Fixed: Backend input number styling
– Fixed: Advanced Tabs – Warnings
– Fixed: List Icon – Warning
– Fixed: Advanced Carousel – Touch move not working
– BSF Core 1.11 – Improvement in updating plugin

Version 3.16.1

– Fixed: Interactive banner style 1 not working in Firefox
– Fixed: Conflict for tabs due to javascript
– Fixed: image separator – link opening in new tab only
– Fixed: Ultimate and Parallax plugin conflict
– Fixed: Fancy Text – Slide up effect duplicating strings bug
– Fixed: Presets – Backend console errors
– Fixes of Sticky section
– Update: Fancy Text – vTicker script updated (v1.15) and removed down direction support
– Update: Google Map API updated to 3.23
– BSF Core v1.6

Version 3.16.0

– New: Element Range Slider.
– Fix: Important security vulnerability. Thank you Ivan ( for reporting this privately.
– Fix: Countdown Timer responsive font size options were not working.
– Fix: Countdown Timer kept adding <style> tags on each count-down.
– Fix: Info-Circle link is not working on mobile devices
– Fix: Images in Hot-spot element were not working.
– Fix: Hot-spot element tooltip was not working.
– Fix: improved the scroll on advanced tabs on mobile devices.

Version 3.15.1

– Fixed: Fancy text – Multiple lines sliding at a time
– Fixed: Team – Opacity option not working
– Fixes for Sticky section
– Improvement: Image param – alt text can be set through media uploader for all elements
– 100+ Presets for 15+ elements

Quick Video –

Elements –

* Advanced Button
* Countdown Timer
* Dual button
* Flipbox
* Google Map
* Headings
* Highlight Box
* Info box
* Info Tables
* Interactive banner
* Interactive Banner 2
* Just Icon
* Creative link
* Modal Box
* Pricing Tables
* Counter
* Team module

Version 3.15.0

– New element: Sticky section
– Improvement: Infor Circle – Link support
– Improvement: Google Map – DISABLE_ULTIMATE_GOOGLE_MAP_API constant to disable map API from Ultimate
– Improvement: Image separator – Link support
– Improvement: Design option added to elements
– Fixed: Info Circle – Typography fixes after breakpoint
– Fixed: Row background – Browser full dimension and Easy parallax issue with other full width scripts
– Fixed: Info Circle – Extra space/margin from top and bottom
– Fixed: Info Box – W3C validation errors
– Fixed: Content box – Background image with counter issue
– Fixed: Info Box – CSS fixes
– Fixed: Timeline – Not working with Optimized with javascript and featured item or separator
– Fixed: Interactive banner 2 – Using custom selector, effects are not working
– Fixed: Highlight Box – Shortcodes are not working if used in editor
– Fixed: Info List – Description font size is too large while loading
– Fixes for Advanced Button

Version 3.14.1

– Fixed: Creative Link – Style 8 responsive typography is not working
– Fixed: Advanced Tabs – responsive typography is not working
– Fixed: Advanced Button – Clogged hover background color
– Fixed: Fancy Text – Slide up/down alignment issue
– Fixed: Google Maps – Open info window on marker click not working
– Fixed: Backend collapse due JS error from Team module
– Fixed: Advanced Tabs – responsive typography is not working
– Improvement: Modal Popup – Trigger on another element on click event

Version 3.14.0

– New element: Team
– Improvement: Interactive Banner 2 – HTML Tag
– Improvement: Smooth scroll – Compatible mode, Speed and steps options
– Improvement: Flip box – ultFlipBoxClicked event added for developers 
– Improvement: Font icon manager – Updated URL scheme fix using set_url_scheme while loading fonts
– Improvement: BSF CORE – registration menu under dashboard, addon resources under resources page
– Improvement: Responsive font size, line height and Google fonts added to all elements
– Improvement: Row Separator – New “Multi triangle” separator
– Improvement: Video Backgrounds – Placeholder position set to center
– Fixed: VC 4.8 compatibility issue with vc_generate_dependencies_attributes
– Fixed: Google font manager – subsets are not working if Load scripts globally option is enabled
– Fixed: Advanced Carousel – navigation styles
– Fixed: Hosted video background – Full height dimension causing text outside
– Fixed: IB2 – Broken image tag removed if image not selected 
– Fixed: Unoptimized JS+CSS Interactive banner not working if IB2 added on same page
– VC 4.9 compatible for row backgrounds and margin bottom 

Version 3.13.7

– Fixed: Headings – duplicate uniqid conflict in fast server execution time
– Fixed: Fancy Text – Resources are not loading due optimized resources improvement in 3.13.5
– Fixed: Google Maps – Styled maps not working in IE
– Fixed: Info Box – Twenty fifteen theme link border issue
– Fixed: Google Maps – Marker info not working on mouse click event
– Fixed: Content Box – Border color issue in FireFox
– Fixed: Advanced Carousel – Horizontal full width issue
– Fixed: Google Maps – Zoom on scrolling not working
– Fixed: Image Separator – CSS conflict with VC
– Fixed: Info Tables – Misaligned button
– Fixed: Info Tables – Title and subtitle color not working
– Improvement: List icon – Typography added
– Improvement: Highlight box – w3c validation
– Improvement: Smooth scroll script update used “Mousewheel Smooth Scroll” plugin’s script
– Improvement: Google Maps – Pan control removed in v3
– Improvement: Future release VC4.8 compatible

Version 3.13.6

– Improvement: Optimized resources will load only if ultimate element is exists on page
– Fixed: Backgrounds not working since 3.13.5

Version 3.13.5

– Fixed: Google Font Manager: Not working if Load scripts globally option is active
– Fixed: Content-Box – Margin not working. 
– Fixed: Tab -Accordion content not visible issue
– Fixed: Advanced Tabs – old vc not supported function
– Fixed: Creative Button – Safari/Mac style 9 issue
– Fixed: Dual Button – Misaligned icons in Safari/Mac
– Fixed: Advanced Button – Border radius on hover issue in Safari/Mac
– Fixed: Advanced Button – removed unnecessary padding if link applied
– Fixed: Hotspot – Not working in admin since VC 4.7.4
– Improvement: BSF Core – HTML5 Local Storage form filling
– Improvement: BSF Core – Changelog link on update notice
– Improvement: BSF Core – Ajax featured shiny updates

Version 3.13.4

– VC 4.7 compatible
– Fixed: Info Box – Read more text not displaying
– Fixed: Google Map – Info Window displaying even no content is present
– Fixed: Flip Box – Backside description color not working
– Fixed: Advanced Button – preview mode for icon not working in backend
– Fixed: Advanced Buttons – Transparent hover background color not working
– Fixed: Expandable Section – other minor fixes
– Fixed: By default global script loading option is ON
– Fixed: Icon fonts are not loaded if Load scripts globally is ON
– Improvement – Option to check/uncheck all modules in backend
– Improvement: Flip Box – Advanced Tab support – introducing ultAdvancedTabClicked event
– Improvement: Removed full screen button from editor in elements

Version 3.13.3

– Updated: WP 4.3 compatible
– Fixed: Carousel – Full width nav overflow hidden issue
– Fixed: Flip Box – Firefox issue
– Fixed: ihover – Other fixes
– Fixed: Info Circle – animation issue
– Fixed: Flip Box – description p tag styles not working and color not applying

Version 3.13.2

– Improvement: Advanced Button – Rel option added for third party code
– Improvement: Smooth scroll updated + row translate use translate3d
– Improvement: Animation Block – Infinite Rotate Counter animation added
– Improvement: Tabs – Adaptive height feature
– Improvements: Tabs – #url optimization
– Improvement: Backend resources optimization
– Improvement: Info List css
– Fixed: Modals – Popup small size not working issue
– Fixed: Tabs – top undefined error in console
– Fixed: Title issue YT backgrounds
– Fixed: iHover – No effects are working
– Fixed: Tabs – Content height animation issue
– Fixed: Modal – Effect issues for scroll and styling
– Fixed: Creative Link – effect fixes of style 8

Version 3.13.1

– Fixed: VC 4.6 compatible wooomposer
– Fixed: Multisite nags
– Fixed: Info Box – Icon image not visible
– Fixed: undefined chosen and draggable function issue
– Fixed: Fancy Text – lazy load strings display
– Fixed: Row Separator – firfox issue
– Fixed: Content Box – Replace background attachment to background position
– Improvement: Advanced Tabs – Add id as link to subtabs

Version 3.13.0

– Improvement: VC 4.6 compatible
– Fixed: Expandable section CSS issues
– Fixed: Hosted video resizing issue
– Fixed countdown datepicker issue
– Fixed info banner overlay issue
– Fixed: Headings – Icon image width issue
– Fixed: Content Box – Background image issue
– Fixed: modal queryselector issue

Version 3.12.1

– Introducing Brainstorm Core – Improved feature of auto update.
– Fixed: Interactive Banner – undefined variable warning
– Fixed: undefined in Tab admin JS
– Fixed: Video Banner – Poster image height issue
– Fixed: Creative Link – Remove text transform property for link
– Fixed:Ultimate Heading – Add word-break property in css
– Fixed: Flipbox – Backface visibility issue

Version 3.12.0

– Fixed: Advanced Button – Image backgrounds icon alignment issue
– Fixed: Google Trends – Location by not working
– Fixed: Hotspot – content as admin label
– Fixed: Interactive Banner – Animation bug while using complete box link
– Fixed: Interactive Banner 2 – display content on
– Improvement – Google Map – Enable/Disable dragging on mobile devices
– Improvement: iHover – border & divider styling issue
– Improvement: Auto updater

Version 3.11.1

– Improved: Updated Fonts Library in Defaults fonts
– Fixed: Row Separator – Default position value issue
– Fixed: Advanced Tab – Support for Advance Carousal
– Fixed: Modal issue
– Fixed: Timeline – Extra class option
– Fixed: Timeline – Separator style issue
– Fixed: IB and IB2 – Multi break lines description font style not working
– Fixed: IB2 – Style 2 effect fix
– Fixed: Timeline – Featured item extra class issue
– Fixed: Icon fonts not displaying after upload issue
– Fixed: IB2 – Description p tag color issue
– Fixed : Flipbox – vertical align middle of Flipbox content and JS issue fixed.
– Fixed: Google Fonts – Invalid API request

Version 3.11

– New Element: Content Box
– Improvement: iHover – Responsive Nature
– Improvement: Creative Link – Added link alignment option
– Improvement: Dual Button – Added responsive option
– Improvement: Horizontal Slide effect for tab
– Improvement: Added glow effect to Hotspot icon
– Improvement: Added link option to Hostspot icon
– Improvement: Info Table – Added minimum height option.
– Improvement: Price Box – Added minimum height option.
– Improvement: Advanced Carousel – Adaptive Height
– Improvement: Flipbox – Added option for display flipbox content vertically center
– IMP Fix – YouTube Backgrounds – Updated mbYTplayer script to fix YT poster policy change
– Fixed: Nested container elements for nested element
– Fixed: Expandable Section – jQuery Enqueue
– Fixed: Advanced Tab – Slide & Fade effect smoothness
– Fixed: Google Map – Tab, Accordion issue and Modal
– Fixed: Parallax – Disable on mobile issue
– Fixed: IB2 – Custom height issue
– Fixed: IB – Icon issue with description text typography
– Fixed: Hosted Video Background – Height issue
– Fixed: Broken Dependency – vc-inline-editor.js in backend
– Fixed: Info Banner – arrow issue
– Fixed: Hosted Video Background – Mute option not working for multiple videos
– Fixed: Info Box – Image icon misalignment
– Fixed: Count Down Timer – Conflict with other bootstrap-datetimepicker JS
– Fixed: Headings – Responsive font size not working in carousel
– Fixed: Google Fonts – multiple same font with different variant issue
– Fixed: Row Separator – Icon alignment when type set to none
– Fixed: Row Backgrounds – Browser full dimension improvement

Version 3.10

– New Element: Advanced Tab
– New Element: Expandable Section
– Fixed: Advanced Button – Typography issues on iPhone devices
– Fixed: Advanced Carousel – Animations issue
– Fixed: Creative Link- Style 8 & 9 mouse hover issues
– Fixed: Fancy Text – “&amp” issue in type effect
– Fixed: Highlight Box – Responsive issue
– Fixed: Hotspot – Tooltip issue of ajax themes
– Fixed: Row Background – Play button issue of hosted video background on iPhone devices
– Fixed: Row Background – Hide row issue of single color background
– Fixed: Image Separator – Animation & Safari browser issues
– Fixed: Info Banner – Link arrow issue
– Fixed: Info Circle – Icon alignment & border issues
– Improvement: Flip Box – Align text vertically center
– Improvement: Image Separator – Updated gutter space logic
– Improvement: Interactive Banner – Added Color Settings for title, description and icon
– Improvement: Interactive Banner 2 – Added minimum height option
– Improvement: Modal – Added custom class option for button / image

Version 3.9.3

– Improvement: Row Backgrounds – Support for themes
– Improvement: Responsive Spacer
– Improvement: Google Maps – Marker Click open Info Window
– Fixed: Carousel – Info Table issue
– Fixed: Carousel – Price box issue
– Fixed: Video Backgrounds – Container not found issue
– Fixed: Mute Functionality Video Backgrounds in Safari
– Fixed: Headings – Responsive font size issue with extra class
– Fixed: Interactive Banner – Custom height issue
– Fixed: Modal – Hide content till button click
– Fixed: Google Map – In tabs not working
– Fixed: Counter – Unique id issue

Version 3.9.2

– Fixed: Info Circle – Chrome duplicate content issue
– Fixed: Fatal Error if VC deactivated
– Fixed: Old VC theme support for Row BG
– Fixed: iHover – 404 for CSS Script

Version 3.9.1

– Fixed: Hotspot – Firefox issue and icon image height issue
– Fixed: For WP Multisite
– Fixed: Image Separator – Custom VC Row Class warning
– Fixed: Hotspot – Center alignment
– Fixed: Flip Box – border warning

Version 3.9.0

– New Element – Image Separator
– Improvement: To support Row BG for few popular themes (X, Vellum, etc)
– Improvement: onUVCModalPopupOpen event added for developers
– Improvement: Headings – Responsive font size
– Fixed: Fancy Text – SlideUp – Theme conflict
– Fixed: Vertical parallax – scroll issue
– Fixed: Translation Files
– Fixed: Row Backgrounds – Default background console error
– Fixed: Flipbox text improvements
– Fixed: Hotspot Bugs
– Fixed: Animation viewport issue
– Fixed: Custom Row position relative issue
– Fixed: iOS video background poster no-repeat and cover
– Fixed: Google Fonts – Bad request
– Fixed: VC 4.4+ Front End Editor issue
– Fixed: WP Multisite Issues

Version 3.8.0

– New: Translation ready now
– New: Plugin details on activation
– New Element – Hotspot
– Improvement – Responsive font-size and line height for iHover
– Improvement: Google Font Manager – Optimization
– Improvement: Back end API key validation and backend improvement
– Improvement – Row Backgrounds – Ajax support
– Improvement: Performance Optimization
– Fixed: Advanced Carousel- Not working sometime, need to update page each time
– Fixed: iHover – Ajax support
– Fixed: Overlay pattern – Option to set background fixed or scroll
– Fixed: WooComposer – 404 and search page warnings
– Fixed: Icon Manager – include file warnings
– Fixed: Carousel – Touch issue
– Fixed: Video Backgrounds – Box layout full width issue
– Fixed: Just Icon – Extra class issue
– Fixed: Vertical Parallax – inverted effect on scroll
– Fixed: Fancy Text – Type effect – Comma allowed
– Fixed: Carousel – $ and jQuery issue
– Fixed: VC 4.4 support for Row Backgrounds
– Fixed: Modal – btn class conflict with bootstrap

Version 3.7.0

* Read important update notes here –

Other Minor Changes –

– New: Smooth Scroll Feature
– Improvements – Fancy text
– Improved: blank page / PHP Fatal Error on running out of memory issue handling
– Fixed: Info Circle – Responsive structure misbehave issue
– Improvement – Row Background – Multi color auto changing overlay
– Fixed: Carousel – Not working if page set as front page
– Fixed: Google Map – Not working if page set as front page
– Fixed: Advanced Button – Type attribute
– Fixed: List Icon – Icon and description alignment and space issue

Version 3.6.1

– Improvement: Fancy text options
– Fixed: Info Banner – Minor Fixes
– Fixed: Modals – Overlay color issue
– Fixed: Update Notification SSL / Security issue

Version 3.6.0

– New Element – Info Banner
– New Element – Highlight Box
– New Element – iHover
– New Element – Fancy Text
– Improvement: Info Price – Typography added
– Improvement: Info Table – Typography added
– Improvement: Info List – Link option
– Fixed: Video Background and Browser Full dimension issue
– Fixed: Button typography Issue
– Fixed: Google maps – Controls Issue
– Fixed: Admin warnings if normal user logged in
– Fixed: Separator compatibility for RTL
– Fixed: Carousel – BSF appear JS issue
– Fixed: Background parallax enable/disable issue
– Fixed: W3C Validator – No space in attribute error
– Fixed: Auto P issue for Row Backgrounds

Version 3.5.2

– Fixed: Admin warnings
– Fixed: Overlay pattern issue
– Fixed: Overlay pattern opacity issue
– Fixed: Advanced Google Map API issue

Version 3.5

– Introducing: Row Effects – Separators
– Introducing: Row Effects – Overlay Options
– Introducing: Advanced Carousel – New Element
– Major Improvement: License Activation & One Click Support
– Improvement: Spacer – Options for mobile
– Improvement: Added typography settings for most of the elements
– Improvement: Gradient Row Background – New Features
– Improvement: H tags selection option in headings
– Fixed: Minor Issues Easy parallax
– Fixed: Interactive Banner Hover Opacity Issue
– Fixed: Flip Box CSS Issues
– Fixed: Square Box Icon alignment issue
– Fixed: Interactive Banner 2 – Style 2 hover issues
– Fixed: Interactive Banner link issues in IE
– Fixed: Icon grid on frontend editor loading issue.
– Fixed: Extra Class Names issue
– Fixed: Modal Popup – Revolution slider issue
– Fixed: Browser full dimension and easy parallax, effect conflict
– Fixed: Modal popup – Unable to scroll after closing popup issue
– Fixed: Info table warnings
– Fixed: Hosted Video Background – Video controls issue
– Fixed: Video Backgrounds – Play/Pause issue when in viewport

Version 3.4.3

– Improvement: Row Background – More options for Auto moving image
– Improvement: Row Background – Full width dimension improvements
– Improvements: Button Sizes
– Fixed: Swatch book not working issue
– Fixed: Youtube video not working due to change in Youtube APIs
– Fixed: Row effect & full width section compatibility
– Fixed: Ultimate background enable/disable on mobile issues

Version 3.4

– Introducing: Icons
– Introducing: List Icon
– Improvement: Performance Enhancements
– Improvement: Disable elements you don’t need in admin panel
– Improvement: Info Circle & List Responsive View
– Improvement: Interactive Banner Responsive View
– Fixed: Minor misc issues with Visual Composer 4.3
– Fixed: Modal Popup Overlay Colors Issue
– Fixed: WooComposer – Grids in Tabs issue
– Fixed: Conflict with Revolution Slider
– Fixed: Alt tag to the images in Just Icon element
– Fixed: License Activation Bugs
– Fixed: Row Background – horizontal scroll issue
– Fixed: Info Circle jQuery issue
– Fixed: Price Box Responsive View
– Fixed: Disable Animation Block on mobile issue
– Fixed: Link target in Interactive Banner 2

Version 3.3.1

– Improvement: Auto Update functionality.
– Improvement: Parallax Backgrounds “Disable on Mobile” new option
– Fixed: Animation block and row fade out effect conflict
– Fixed: Interactive Banner 2 issues on Firefox
– Fixed: Advanced Buttons Responsive Issues
– Fixed: Modal flash on page load
– Fixed: Row effect issues on Video Background
– Fixed: JSON file read issues

Version 3.3.0

– Introducing: Easy Parallax in Row Effects
– Introducing: Auto Moving Image in Row Backgrounds
– Improvement: Interactive Banner – Responsive Nature Option
– Improvement: Advanced Button – Tooltip Options & Miscellaneous Improvements
– Fixed: Animation Block – Minor Issues
– Fixed: Miscellaneous Issues (Auto Update / PHP Notices)

Version 3.2.0

– Introducing: Interactive Banner 2 Element
– Introducing: Advanced Button Element
– Introducing: Row Effects
– Improvement: Animation Block
– Improvement: WooComposer
– Improvement: Flip Box CSS
– Fixed: Date Picker JS Conflict
– Fixed: Google Map Element Issues
– Fixed: Plugin Activation Logic

Version 3.1

– Introducing: Animation Container Block Element
– Introducing: Swatch Book Element
– Introducing: Category Grid Element in WooComposer
– Introducing: Category Carousel Element in WooComposer
– Improvement: Google Fonts Manger
– Improvement: Video Backgrounds – Optimization for mobile devices
– Fixed: Video Background – Start / End time issue
– Improvement: Video background – New feature auto play / pause videos for viewport
– Improvement: Video Background – Optimization for Firefox and IE browsers
– Improvement: Row Background – New option for single color
– Improvement: Added new param for “Switch Button”
– Improvement: Added “No-Icon” option in Icon Selector
– Improvement: Purchase Registration
– Introducing: Added “Support From Dashboard” functionality

Version 3.0.2

– Improvement: WooComposer – Added “Best Seller Products”
– Improvement: WooComposer – Optimization in logic that displays product images
– Improvement: WooComposer – Optimization to improve performance & loading time
– Improvement: Info List – CSS improvements to match with 3rd party theme
– Fixed: Price Box – Button won’t be displayed if no link is given
– Fixed: Issue with our Envato APIs used in Auto Update feature
– Fixed: Google Font Manager – Minor fixes

Version 3.0.1

– Improvement: Added display – “Products On Sale” option in query builder
– Improvement: CSS Improvement in List Item
– Improvement: Query Builder with New Design
– Fixed: Auto update issue
– Fixed: List Product – images not coming

Version 3.0.0

– Introducing: WooComposer [Beta] – Now Empower your WooCommerce shop with Ultimate Addons & Visual Composer
– Improvement: Timeline – now with Google Fonts and more styling options
– Improvement: Flip Box – CSS
– Improvement: Horizontal Info List styling made more responsive
– Improvement: Interactive Banner Custom Height Settings
– Fixed: Timeline – Compatibility with Firefox 29
– Fixed: Array to String conversion issue
– Fixed: Glitch with Auto Update APIs

Version 2.7.1

– Improvement: Google Font Manager: User experience improvements
– Improvement: Google Font Manager: Major functional improvements in to optimize loading time
– Improvement: Headings – Margins will be used in pixels by default
– Improvement: Headings – Space between line & icon / image option
– Improvement: Headings – Line width while using “line with icon/image” option
– Improvement: Extended Google Maps: New option to enable / disable zoom on scroll wheel
– Fixed: Headings – Issue if small icon is used in “line with icon/image” option
– Fixed: Extended Google Maps: Issues in when inserted in column
– Fixed: Headings – Line width, spacing issue after line width improvement
– Fixed: Headings – White space issue
– Fixed: Info List – Responsive Issue of Top Icon (Horizontal)
– Fixed: Image Icon – Height Issue

Version 2.7.0

– Introducing: Headings
– Introducing: Google Fonts Manager
– Introducing: Google Trends
– Improvements: Added Google map full width option
– Improvements: Added Google Map Styling setting
– Fixed: Countdown timer issue on video background
– Fixed: Firefox Transition Issue of Modal Box
– Fixed: Video full width row background
– Fixed: Icon manager now throws error upon trying to add font from resource other than IcoMoon

Version 2.6.2

– Fixed: Redirect on Mobile issue is now fixed
– Fixed: Display modal on drop-down issue now fixed
– Fixed: PHP notices on error and search pages
– Fixed: Gradient color picker issue on frontend editor

Version 2.6.1

– Improvement: Automatic plugin updater. Update your plugins right from your dashboard.
– Improvement: New Tab in Row Settings for Row Backgrounds Feature
– Improvement: Custom Strings for Count Down Timer
– Improvement: Compatibility with Genesis Framework
– Fixed: Compatibility with WordPress 3.9 and Visual Composer 4.1.2
– Fixed: Row Backgrounds Minor bug
– Fixed: Gradient Color Picker Minor bug
– Fixed: Countdown Timer Minor bug
– Fixed: Info Box CSS
– Fixed: Undefined variable errors in few elements

Version 2.5.1

– Improvement: Modal Popups shortcode can be used in Sidebar / Widgets
– Improvement: Added plugin options page for changing settings for row backgrounds
– Improvement: Added color option for Stats counter text and digits
– Improvement: Added custom height option for Interactive Banners
– Improvement: Interactive banners can now hide the title
– Improvement: ‘Push’ Caption changed to ‘Zoom Out’ in Info Circle
– Improvement: ‘Pop’ Caption changed to ‘Zoom In’ in Info Circle
– Improvement: ‘Pulse’ Caption changed to ‘Zoom InOut’ in Info Circle
– Fixed: Video in iframe support in Modal box
– Fixed: Info Box CSS for Icon without any styles
– Fixed: Timeline Compatibility with themes

Version 2.5.0

– Introducing: Info Circles (Beta 1.0)
– Improvement: Added auto background size option for parallax
– Fixed: Text blur effect on Modal Box

Version 2.4.0

– Introducing: Info tables
– Introducing: Multilayer Vertical Parallax
– Improvement: Added 4 new styles for Flip Box
– Improvement: Added square box style for Info Box
– Improvement: Added 6 new color styles for Price Box
– Improvement: Spacer / gap height value now displayed on element.
– Improvement: Background overlay options added
– Fixed: Default Row background image will remain unchanged.
– Fixed: YouTube API script only loads when YouTube video is used.
– Fixed: Timeline minor bugs
– Fixed: Stats counter issue

Version 2.3.0

– Introducing: Price tables
– Introducing: Spacer / Gap to adjust spacing between two components.
– Improvement: Modal Popup element dependencies
– Fixed: Google Map default pin not displaying issue
– Fixed: Gradient Background issue

Version 2.2.1

– Improvement: FlipBox New Animation
– Improvement: Modal Popup on page load option added
– Fixed: Link target in all component
– Fixed: Link to complete box Issue in Info Box
– Fixed: Placeholder text in input boxes now removed
– Fixed: Flip Box styling issues

Version 2.2.0

– Introducing: Gradient Row Backgrounds
– Introducing: New param attribute “gradient” for Gradient Backgrounds
– Improvement: Counter Prefix, Counter Suffix, Digit Separator, Decimal Character options added to Stats Counter
– Improvement: Link target in Flip Box
– Fixed: Flip Box Responsive Issue
– Fixed: Modal Box Popup Issue

Version 2.1.0

– Introducing: Timeline
– Introducing: Extended Google Maps
– Introducing: Multilayer Hover Parallax
– Improvement: Start and end point for YouTube video backgrounds
– Fixed: YouTube background video mute option
– Fixed: Horizontal Parallax
– Fixed: Flip-Box height issue

Version 2.0

– Introducing: Row Backgrounds
– Fixed: Modal Popup modernizr.js conflict
– Fixed: Localhost issue. Modals can now work on localhost
– Fixed: Info Box margin issue
– Fixed: Flip-Box undefined variable error

Version 1.6.3

– Improved: Documentation updated with modal popup
– Improved: Added height option for Flip-Box
– Improved: Added option in Flip Box to display full the content adjust height of the box accordingly
– Fixed: Modal Popup CSS
– Fixed: Fonts are not displaying sometimes in Icon Manager
– Fixed: Margin issue of Flip-Box & Info-List

Version 1.6.2

– Improved: Added auto width option for modal box
– Improved: Background & text color options for modal box
– Improved: Border options for modal box
– Improved: button alignment options
– Improved: “no icon” setting, for those who don’t want to use icon or image in modal box
– Fixed: Shortcodes not working for Info List with built-in Visual Composer version

Version 1.6.1

– Improved: Added background color and opacity settings in Modal Popup component
– Improved: Added image option with icons and button types in Modal Popup component
– Improved: CSS improvement in Modal Popup component

Version 1.5

– Fixed: Icon Manager minor bugs
– Improved: Info List Compatibility Component for VC 4.0
– Improved: Info Box Compatibility Component for VC 4.0
– Improved: Interactive Banner Compatibility Component for VC 4.0
– Improved: Milestone Counter Compatibility Component for VC 4.0
– Improved: HTML structure and CSS to ensure compatibility with few themes

Version 1.4

– Enhancement ñ Tooltip feature for Just Icon Element
– Bug Fix in iOS compatibility to flip box flip effects
– Bug Fix in Fixes an issue in the icon manager that was coming on domain change