Version 3.1

# Improvement: PHP7 Compatibility.
# Improvement: WordPress 4.5 Compatibility.
# Improvement: All the functions are now overridable from the child theme.
# Fix: Custom 404-page option now loads all the required from VC and Ultimate Addons.
# Fix: Alignment of search field irrespective of font size.
# Fix: Page title bar displaying “Archive” on categories and tags for custom post type will now show the name of the Category or Tag.
# Fix: Page title bar not displaying any title on some custom post types.
# Fix: Background color was not working in iTitle.
# Fix: Border was not working in CTA style 1.
# Fix: Admin menu management alignment problems
# Fix: Top header text color and hover color not being applied to Custom HTML section.
# Fix: Disabled load more button on the single post.
# Fix: Load more button displayed even when no more posts are available.