Version 3.0.0

# New: Layout option – Padded layout.
# New: Now set page as a footer, So design footer using visual composer.
# New: Demo import options for all the 9 new demos, make sure to update imedica core plugin to latest Version 3.0 as well.
# New: Option to make scroll to top button rounded.
# New: Option to set maximum height to sticky header.
# New: Style in team member element.
# New: Custom small footer options to add custom HTML, social links etc.
# New: Search style for search icon in manu, iMedica options -> Manu -> Search Layout.
# New: Option to set top and bottom margins for box layout.
# New: Added schema tags for blog posts, Good for SEO!
# New: Style options in testimonial element.
# New: Shiny updates and extension installed in Brainstorm Updater.
# Improvement: Transparent header now works in mobile layout.
# Improvement: Rename Splash area as Hero Section.
# Improvement: Responsive font sizes in the team member element.
# Update: Retina.js to latest version 1.3.0
# Update: FontAwesome to latest version 4.4
# Update: Smoothscroll to latest version 1.4.0
# Fix: Page options now work on blog page.
# Fix: Custom CSS and Googole Fonts not working in page Hero Section.
# Fix: Accordion element animation not smooth.
# Fix: Equal top and bottom height in footer.
# Fix: mailto and tel links to imedica address widget.
# Fix: Mailchimp subscribe form CSS fixes for newer version.
# Fix: Carosuel icons in arrow fixed.
# Fix: Default values not woring in some VC elements.
# Fix: Many fixes for IE9.