Version 2.0.5

# Fix: formatting issues in button element.
# Fix: font from testimonial element not working.
# Fix: margin-bottom issue on popular posts VC element
# Fix: removed spacing before read more on popular posts element.
# Fix: hidden post thumb when the option is selected to hide it.
# Fix: spacing before read more link in recent posts element.
# Fix: iMedica Populer Post – The Post title color is not working in front end.
# Fix: Team member element border issues
# Fix: iMedica feature Box – style 2,style 3- Extra P tag issue.
# Fix: PHP warning displayed in frontend.
# Fix: iMedica Info Box – Style 1 – Not displaying at front end.
# Fix: iMedica Feature Box – The default color of the fold is black, changed it to take the darker shade of theme color.
# Fix: accordion custom colors not working.
# Fix: Hover colors not working in featurebox.
# Fix: icon hover color not working in VC Tour element.