Version 3.0.4

# Improvement: Support for Google font subsets for latin, cyrillic etc.
# Improvement: Only one H1 tag from post title will be available on pages.
# Improvement: Full RTL support.
# Fix: Menu resizing after whole page loads.
# Fix: iMedica mage gallery not working inside VC tabs.
# Fix: VC single image not showing circular images properly, And custom sizes not working.
# Fix: Menu column title not visible for mobile devices for mega menus.
# Fix: Normalized styling of some missing input fields.
# Fix: Mobile menu requires two clicks.
# Fix: PHP error when two or more twitter VC elements are used on a page.
# Fix: Mobile menu requires two clicks on iOS devices.
# Fix: PHP error on some servers appearing because the extensions were loaded improperly.
# Update: updated Fontawesome to latest version 4.5