Version 3.1.9

# iMedica Theme is now 100% GPL Compatible.
# Related Posts: Display posts from relevant categories when no posts are found in the tag.
# Fix: Missing h1 tag to the page title on pages.
# Fix: WooCommerce products edit problems in Woocommerce v3.0.0+
# Fix: Use correct directory structure to support bedrock based WordPress installation.
# Fix: Incorrect heading tags on some templates.

Version 3.1.8

# Improvement: Added option to make the sticky header of same width as box width.
# Improvement: Social icons in top header now supports 4 custom icons and a full list of FontAwesome icons.
# Improvement: FontAwesome updated to latest version 4.6.3.
# Fix: Instagram option in social media options not working.
# Fix: code before </head> tag was being added after opening of body tag.

Version 3.1.5

# Fix: Accordion title getting cropped if the title is large.
# Fix: Retina JS to latest v1.4.0 to fix retina related issues.
# Fix: Blog Grid layout 3 had broken layout on search page when there are no results to display.
# Updated brainstorm updater to latest version.

Version 3.1.4

# New: Instagram and Pinterest options in top header social media.
# Fix: PHP errors when theme is updated to a newer version.
# Updated brainstorm updater to a newer version.

Version 3.1

# Improvement: PHP7 Compatibility.
# Improvement: WordPress 4.5 Compatibility.
# Improvement: All the functions are now overridable from the child theme.
# Fix: Custom 404-page option now loads all the required from VC and Ultimate Addons.
# Fix: Alignment of search field irrespective of font size.
# Fix: Page title bar displaying “Archive” on categories and tags for custom post type will now show the name of the Category or Tag.
# Fix: Page title bar not displaying any title on some custom post types.
# Fix: Background color was not working in iTitle.
# Fix: Border was not working in CTA style 1.
# Fix: Admin menu management alignment problems
# Fix: Top header text color and hover color not being applied to Custom HTML section.
# Fix: Disabled load more button on the single post.
# Fix: Load more button displayed even when no more posts are available.


# Improvement: Design options for all the Visual Composer elements in iMedica.
# Improvement: Added instagram to social media widget.
# Fix: Brainstorm Updater improvements and bug fixes.
# Fix: Custom social link in top header not visible in mobile menu.
# Fix: Full screen search redirecting to 404 page for iPad and other touch devices.
# Fix: Long titles overflowing in feature box for Firefox.
# Fix: Link-height for the date field.


# Fix: styling issues when lists, strong tags were added in infobox and feature box.
# Fix: Greek letters not properly visible in the excerpt of recent posts element.
# Fix: transparent header text color being persistant even after the transparent header mode was turned off.
# Fix: the logo image overflowing out of the wrapper in firefox, when the logo has large dimensions.
# Fix: search form not properly aligned on 404 page.
# Fix: Image URLs breaking after upgrading ultimate to version 3.15.1

Version 3.0.4

# Improvement: Support for Google font subsets for latin, cyrillic etc.
# Improvement: Only one H1 tag from post title will be available on pages.
# Improvement: Full RTL support.
# Fix: Menu resizing after whole page loads.
# Fix: iMedica mage gallery not working inside VC tabs.
# Fix: VC single image not showing circular images properly, And custom sizes not working.
# Fix: Menu column title not visible for mobile devices for mega menus.
# Fix: Normalized styling of some missing input fields.
# Fix: Mobile menu requires two clicks.
# Fix: PHP error when two or more twitter VC elements are used on a page.
# Fix: Mobile menu requires two clicks on iOS devices.
# Fix: PHP error on some servers appearing because the extensions were loaded improperly.
# Update: updated Fontawesome to latest version 4.5

Version 3.0.2

# Improvement: Link can be applied to team member picture.
# Improvement: updated redux framework in iMedica options panel.
# Fix: Single image supports all the new options from visual composer.
# Fix: Padding fix for footer area in boxed layout.
# Fix: color options in Visual Composer tabs.
# Fix: Default options were not working on some Visual Composer elements.
# Fix: Warning messages in info box VC element.
# Fix: Two H1 Tags on the pages.
# Fix: Image style and sizes does not appear in firefox for external link images in VC single image.
# Fix: PHP warning in popular posts VC element.
# Fix: Warnings in twitter vc element.
# Several other minor bug fixes

Version 3.0.1

# Fix: CSS for over the slider class on homepage boxes.
# Fix: Reverted styling for recent posts VC element.
# Fix: broken author URL on single post when author has not entered website in his profile.
# Improvement: used WordPress Http API instead of plain PHP functions to check if retina @2x images exist on server.

Version 3.0.0

# New: Layout option – Padded layout.
# New: Now set page as a footer, So design footer using visual composer.
# New: Demo import options for all the 9 new demos, make sure to update imedica core plugin to latest Version 3.0 as well.
# New: Option to make scroll to top button rounded.
# New: Option to set maximum height to sticky header.
# New: Style in team member element.
# New: Custom small footer options to add custom HTML, social links etc.
# New: Search style for search icon in manu, iMedica options -> Manu -> Search Layout.
# New: Option to set top and bottom margins for box layout.
# New: Added schema tags for blog posts, Good for SEO!
# New: Style options in testimonial element.
# New: Shiny updates and extension installed in Brainstorm Updater.
# Improvement: Transparent header now works in mobile layout.
# Improvement: Rename Splash area as Hero Section.
# Improvement: Responsive font sizes in the team member element.
# Update: Retina.js to latest version 1.3.0
# Update: FontAwesome to latest version 4.4
# Update: Smoothscroll to latest version 1.4.0
# Fix: Page options now work on blog page.
# Fix: Custom CSS and Googole Fonts not working in page Hero Section.
# Fix: Accordion element animation not smooth.
# Fix: Equal top and bottom height in footer.
# Fix: mailto and tel links to imedica address widget.
# Fix: Mailchimp subscribe form CSS fixes for newer version.
# Fix: Carosuel icons in arrow fixed.
# Fix: Default values not woring in some VC elements.
# Fix: Many fixes for IE9.

Version 2.0.5

# Fix: formatting issues in button element.
# Fix: font from testimonial element not working.
# Fix: margin-bottom issue on popular posts VC element
# Fix: removed spacing before read more on popular posts element.
# Fix: hidden post thumb when the option is selected to hide it.
# Fix: spacing before read more link in recent posts element.
# Fix: iMedica Populer Post – The Post title color is not working in front end.
# Fix: Team member element border issues
# Fix: iMedica feature Box – style 2,style 3- Extra P tag issue.
# Fix: PHP warning displayed in frontend.
# Fix: iMedica Info Box – Style 1 – Not displaying at front end.
# Fix: iMedica Feature Box – The default color of the fold is black, changed it to take the darker shade of theme color.
# Fix: accordion custom colors not working.
# Fix: Hover colors not working in featurebox.
# Fix: icon hover color not working in VC Tour element.

Version 2.0.4

# Fix: WordPress 4.3 compatibility in iMedica widgets.
# New: New filter to change the word count in default word count in the excerpt.
# Fix: improved structure of breadcrumb on page title.

Version 2.0.3

# Fix: Transparent Header adding empty space below on the page on Firefox.
# Fix: Image uploader in Visual Composer elements custom image size option.
# Fix: Single image element, custom size option now working.
# Fix: Updates to Brainstorm Updater.

Version 2.0.1

# Fix: min-height was not working in style 3 of the feature box.
# Fix: iMedica VC elements fixes for Visual Composer v4.6
– Image Gallery
– Testimonial
– Team Member
– iTitle
– Price List
– Buttons
– Call to action
– Price Tables
– Info Box
– Feature Box

Version 2.0.0

– New: All new Theme/plugin Updater.
– Improvement: Removed all the plugins from theme package.
– New: Welcome Screen after installing iMedica.
– New: plugin actiation/installation nags.
– New: option to select a custom currency format in iMedica price table.
– New: option to add a custom link to team member element.
– Update: bundled plugin iMedica core has been updated.
– Fix: Various multisite compatibility issues.
– Fix: iMedica twitter widget messing up text from greek language.
– Fix: link option in single image element in Visual Composer.
– Fix: Fixed target tag in the imedica button element.

Version 1.4.1

– New: option to enable/disable comments view in recent posts and popular post VC elements.
– New: option to enable or disable search in default header.
– New: shortcode support inside feature boxes.
– New: option to add border radius to team member image.
– New: post link to featured images on the blog page.
– Update bundled plugin – Visual Composer to latest version v4.5.3
– Update bundled Plugin – Revolution slider to latest version – 4.6.93
– Update bundled plugin – Ultimate Addons to latest version – v 3.12.0
– Fix: sound hound player in the audio post will be visible in blog/archive pages.
– Fix: comments from sometimes having a smaller width.
– Fix: php notice in recent posts and popular posts VC elements.
– Fix: iPad friendly menus.
– Fix: Path of slick.gif loader 404 on all pages.
– Fix: Enable page title bar on blog home page.
– Fix: black color appearing on a sticky header on the blog page.

Version 1.4

– Removed import functionality from theme and shifted it to “iMedica Core” plugin.
– Improvements in dummy data import functionality.
– Improvement in VC single image shortcode. Now uses new image param.
– Added New landing page and a slider in demo data.
– Update bundled plugin – Ultimate Addons to latest version – v 3.11.1
– Update bundled plugin – Visual Composer to latest version v4.5.2
– Update bundled plugin – iMedica core to latest version v2.0
– Fix: Translation issues with backend and frontend.
– Fix: Menu overflowing out of page wrapper in box layout.
– Fix: Removed autocapitalization in menu.
– Fix: plus and minus icons in accordion element.

Version 1.3.2

– Update bundled plugin – Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress – v 3.3
– Update bundled plugin – Visual Composer to latest version v4.5.1
– Update bundled Plugin – Revolution slider to latest version – 4.6.92
– Updated imedica child theme to v1.1
– Fix: Bug with modern style page title bar, enable or disable from page options

Version 1.3.1

– Update Redux Framework to v3.5.4.
– Update TGM plugin activation class to v2.4.1.
– Update bundled plugin Visual Composer to latest version v4.4.4.
– Update FontAwesome to latest version v4.3.0.
– Improved retina mode, retina @2x images will be automatically generated.
– Moved function to defer parsing JavaScript to child theme.
– Fix: Some iMedica options not saving in admin panel.
– Fix: Height of sticky header.
– Fix: Links opening in new tab for some Visual Composer elements.
– Fix: Custom header not working on blog posts.

Version 1.3.0

– Performance optimization, reduced memory consumption by removing LESS compiler.
– New: options to choose breadcrumb and title to be displayed or not on title bar.
– New: option in sticky header to select different logo, background, text color.
– New: option to select whether to load the CSS in head or in separate files.
– Fix: Front Editor bug in team member element.
– Fix: height calculation of sticky menu.
– fix: errors while loading CSS files on some servers .
– fix: CSS fixes in mega menu, iMedica gallery.
– Update bundled Plugins

Version 1.2.0

– Improved dummy data functionality
– Added typography options for call to action element.
– Fix: CSS not loading on some servers.
– Fix: Sticky header option in iMedica options not working.
– Fix: CSS applied to #page fixed.
– Fix: links now working in team member element.

Version 1.1.0

– Update bundled plugin – One-Page Navigation
– Update bundled plugin – Ultimate Addons to latest version v3.9.4
– Update bundled plugin – Visual Composer to latest version v4.4.3
– Update dummy data to latest demo site
– Fix: error – Cannot use object of type WP_Error
– FIX: related posts showing same date
– Fix: default capitalization in element iTitle
– FIX: Widget – iMedica menu, current menu item style bug
– Fix: transparent header on single pages affecting archive pages
– Fix – Allow HTML in footer credits
– Fix: custom scripts option
– FIX: sub-menu current menu font color
– Fix: Top header email address link fix
– Fix: Fix 404-page search form