Version 2.4.2

Another update!

Its not even a month since we last wrote to you. But, we can’t hold back with an update when we have most of the things that you’ve asked for.

We are back here to present ConvertPlug version 2.4.2, with some new features, improvements you were waiting for and fixes for issues that you reported.

This update mainly comprises of features like getting subscriber notification emails for all campaigns, customizing the subject and the body of the email, a new checkbox field added to the form builder and more.

Sounds interesting?

Take a quick look at the changelog below:

  • New: Added a typography option for close link tooltip of modal.
  • New: Email notifications for all campaigns.
  • New: Added checkbox field to form builder.
  • New: Added option to set subject and message for subscriber email notification.
  • New: Multiple email ID’s can be added to receive subscriber notifications.
  • New: Hidden field that contain page_url name will generate current page URL.
  • Fixed: Template import does not work due to server configuration blocking file_allow_url.
  • Fixed: YouTube video not playing automatically if triggered with short-code.
  • Fixed: Free ebook templates background color not applied issue.
  • Fixed: Update contact if user is already subscribed for default campaign.
  • Fixed: Disabled impression count setting not working for inline modal.
  • Fixed: Option for Attached email field for layout 3 not working.
  • Fixed: Form Layout not working in customizer.

Although we’ve worked to make things work as expected, we would love to hear your feedback on this. Please update the plugin and let us know how you feel about it.

In case you have some suggestions, ideas or simply need to discuss, you can post them on our Facebook Group or write to us too!

Words from the Team

Like always, we’ve made an effort to fulfill your requirements. We’ve done all that we could now, and promise to come back with some more.

Theres always some more you can work on. We believe and implement it in our journey.

Before we end up, do you remember our theme ASTRA – the fastest WordPress theme we had introduced earlier?

Its live and available for download on the WordPress repository!

Whats more? It is compatible with your favorite Page Builder. We would love you to try that too. Join our Facebook group for more updates related to Astra. Having said this, time to go… until we write again! 🙂

Version 2.4.1

Hello Peeps!

Its been a month since we’d released the last update! An update that brought in some new features and fixes into ConvertPlug.

Today, we are back with an update again! Although we haven’t added anything new or a major change in the plugin, ConvertPlug version 2.4.1 will help you use the toggle button completely (not just the arrow or a specific part on it) and a few fixes that many of you were waiting for.

Option to Minimize style on click of complete header

This option lets you minimize a style when the user clicks anywhere on the header or toggle button. Here is a screenshot where you’ll see the option added.

Let us take a quick look at the entire changelog in brief.

– New : Option to minimize style on click of complete header for “optin to widget“.
– Fixed : Info bar CSS issue for safari.
– Fixed : Conflict due to disabled class with bootstrap CSS.
– Fixed : Conflict due to Imagify plug in.
– Fixed : Conflict with OptimizePress Experiments plug in.
– Fixed : PHP warning notices.
– Fixed : Impression count issue for more than one module open at same time.
– Fixed : Redirect URL issue if popup is blocked.
– Fixed : Special character issue from affiliate link.

Another update to show you aren’t left alone! We are sure most these fixes will benefit you all.

Message from the team

As always, we present you a new version with a new feature and fixes that will benefit you all.

Go ahead and update ConvertPlug. In case of any issues or queries, please feel free to get in touch with us. Our team will be glad to help. You can also post suggestions, queries, feedback and more in our Facebook group where we can help many more ConvertPlug users together.

Happy Converting! … 🙂

Version 2.4.0


This is how we greet each other here in Pune! It is a way to the other and bow to the divine within the person.

So… Here we say a loving hello and a Namaskar to all of you!

We are back again to share an update… ConvertPlug version 2.4.0! This update comes with some new features that users were looking out for and a few fixes that make our popup plugin more awesome!

Here are a few attractions of the update:

Disable Impression Counts for Modules
We received a lot of requests from users asking us to disable the impression count. Therefore, we added an option in the Advanced settings to allow users to disable Impression counts. This should do the trick.

Refer to the article here to know more about disabling the impression counts of modules.

Button Links can now be made NoFollow
This is especially for those who wish to redirect users to another page or website after successful submission. Again, a requested feature! If you are concerned about the optimization of your website, and wish to reduce the number of DoFollow links, you now have an option to convert them to NoFollow.

Contacts can be deleted from a Campaign
Unlike the previous versions, ConvertPlug version 2.4.0 allows you to delete leads from a Campaign under Connects. Earlier, this was only possible within the third party mailer list. Now, we make it easy in ConvertPlug too.

Note: The API allows you to add leads in the inbuilt campaign as well as the associated mailer list in the third party software. However, deleting a contact from an inbuilt campaign will not delete the contact from the mailer’s list.

Apart from these, you can now add borders and format the font on your toggle buttons for infobars and slide-ins. ConvertPlug version 2.4.0 comes along with a number of fixes, like the Z index issue, modals not working well on Safari, PDFs not downloaded on an iPhone, SSL security issues after site migration and more.

Let us take a quick look at the entire changelog in brief.

– New: Patched XSS Vulnerabilities
– New: Added border and font option for toggle buttons
– New: Added the shake animation effect for input field validation
– New: Added an option to disable Impression Count
– New: Added a feature to delete contacts from campaign
– New: Added an option to make the button link NoFollow
– Fixed: Compatibility issues for PHP 5.3
– Fixed: Z index issue with a manual click trigger
– Fixed: Modal gets stuck on safari browser on scroll trigger
– Fixed: Contact form 7, comment form, registration form contact sync not working with default campaign
– Fixed: Alt text not set for all images
– Fixed: Download issue with PDF file for iPhone users
– Fixed: Campaign multiple list names not visible
– Fixed: Slide in opt-in widget minimize initially option not working
– Fixed: Create Campaign link does not work in editor
– Fixed: SSL security issue after site migration

Just another update to grant all that you have asked for. I am sure most of you were looking for a few features and fixes listed above. Therefore, updating your plugin quickly will give you access to all the above making your converting journey even more beautiful!

Message from the Team

We, at Brainstorm Force are determined to deliver what you are looking for. Whether it is a top selling addon for page builders like the Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer and the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, or the fastest and best performing theme, ASTRA, which is on its way, we make sure we’ll keep you updated with the features and advancements you are looking for.

ConvertPlug version 2.4.0 is just a version to prove that your demands and requirements aren’t ignored. We strive to bring out the best so that you have a wonderful time creating beautiful opt-in forms and popups that convert visitors into subscribers and customers.

Since, this is an update most of you were looking for, we recommend you to update ConvertPlug as soon possible.

Like always, you can always drop in a Hi or a query or simply get in touch with us! We’ll love to hear from you!

Update… Build and Convert! We are sure you’ll find all that you are looking for. 🙂

Version 2.3.3

We are back with an important update of ConvertPlug!

This is a security update and we’ll be releasing it as ConvertPlug version 2.3.3.

The vulnerability was reported privately by an expert security researcher. And, it is highly recommended that you update all the older versions of ConvertPlug and make sure you have the latest version, 2.3.3 installed on your website.

Here is the changelog you can refer to:

– Patched XSS Vulnerabilities.
– Fix: Fixed slide in and info bar module export functionality bugs.
– Fix: Removed PHP notices on style list screen.
– Improvement: Code hardening for better security.
– Improvement: Added user capability checks for admin actions.
– Improvement: General code cleanup.

Although it sounds scary, there is nothing to be worried about for now. You just need to update to the latest version to make sure nothing affects you in the near future.

In the Closing!

The fixes and improvements are very important. Therefore, we request you to update ConvertPlug ASAP.

We are here to help! You can always get in touch with us in case you some help or guidance or just want to drop in a Hi!

Wish you all a wonderful time until we write again!


Version 2.3.2

Wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Before we end with the first month of this year, we present to you the most awaited version 2.3.2 of ConvertPlug. With features like subscriber notifications for a default campaign, displaying dynamic values in social share styles for networks like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit and StumbleUpon, font option for Close text, and more, ConvertPlug version 2.3.2 is a powerful package and a successor of the version 2.3.1.

Here are a few highlights of ConvertPlug version 2.3.2

– New: Subscriber email notification for Default campaign
– New: Dynamic share count for Social Media Styles
– New: Font family option for close text
– New: Two or more slide Ins open on the same page if one of them is floating social media style
– Improvement: Cookie functionality for variant styles
– Improvement: Fallback to wp_get_attachment_image_url function
– Improvement: Referral detection functionality
– Improvement: Hide on devices option for mobile
– Fixed: Conflict with FlatSome theme
– Fixed: Function name Conflict with dynamic X Theme
– Fixed: CSS conflict for placeholder with Imprezia theme
– Fixed: Style Import/Export issue with SMTP Postman plugin
– Fixed: Conflict with WP All import plugin
– Fixed: Tool-tip conflict with Optimizely plugin
– Fixed: Scrollbar error for Slide In
– Fixed: Pinterest JS issue
– Fixed: Modal elements overlapping other elements even after closing
– Fixed: YouTube style border appearing issue
– Fixed: Border property not working for variant style in customizer
– Fixed: After Form Submission error for “Do nothing” option

Email Notifications to Administrator
This is the most awaited feature that many users requested for. Webmasters wished to get a notification when a new subscriber is added into the default campaign. You can now enable this feature and enter an email ID you wish to get these notifications on.

Dynamic Share Count for Social Media styles
Unlike before, all the Social Media styles of ConvertPlug will now accept dynamic social share values. This will help you display the actual social shares of a particular page or content.

Font Styling option for Close text
We all know that we could display the close link as a piece of text or an image. In case of an image, you are free to upload and use any image. But, in case of text, it wasn’t possible to change the font style. In version 2.3.2, we have introduced a font style option to help you style your close links too.

Floating Social bar and Slide Open together
Many users had reached out saying they would like to have two slide-ins open at the same time. One would be a social share slide in and another with any other purpose. In version 2.3.2, we made this possible. Yes, now you can use two slide-ins together. Provided one is a social style and the other is a normal slide-in.

Along with the new features ConvertPlug version 2.3.2 comes with some fixes for a few features that didn’t work as expected and a few conflicts with external themes and plugins. Therefore, this version is truly the most awaited one because it covers most of the features that people had requested and solves conflicts and errors that users had reported.

Message from the Team

We take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy and prosperous New Year! With this New Year, we present to you an all new version of ConvertPlug.

What will be more helpful than fulfilling your demands? Yes, in this update, we focused on delivering what you long to see. You can now get email notifications, use the social share slide-in and another one together, style your close links and easily use ConvertPlug with your favorite theme or plugin without a conflict.

We have made sure that everything works as expected, letting you make the most of your marketing spend.

The new version is now available and you can go ahead and give it a try. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Version 2.3.1

With a lot of efforts put in to create a few more styles that will ease your work, a few improvements to enhance the performance and a few fixes making sure it works just the way you like it!

We, at Brainstorm Force present to you ConvertPlug Version 2.3.1, with many more features added to the previous one. In this version we have added a few more styles, features you will love to use and some improvements you’ve been looking out for.

A few Highlights in this Version:

– New: Social media with Form modal style
– New: Social article modal style
– New: Free widget slide in style
– New: Connect Input Box and Button Option
– New: Filter hook for target page settings
– New: HTML tags allowed in success and failure message after form submission
– New: Added input box radius option
– New: Added option to set time for displaying close button
– New: Retrieving alt attribute for media images
– New: Added Download File option after redirection
– New: Added Positions for Close Button
– New: Added option to Display module when user scrolls to a certain ID or Class on the page
– New: Added option to Auto close module
– New: Added option to set actions after successful form submission
– New: Added option to minimize opt-in widget slide in style on load
– Improvement: Display style edit link at front end only for users who has access to ConvertPlug
– Improvement: Fixed conflicts with WooCommerce, Ultimate Member and Blog Manager plugin
– Fixed: Mod security for relative image path
– Fixed: Modal overlapping on other HTML containers after closing
– Fixed: Sanitize folder name issue while importing style
– Fixed: Custom CSS style including multiple times

Social Media with Form Modal Style
There may be times you wish to display a stand-alone social media popup. While including it with a form works well too. In ConvertPlug version 2.3.1 we have introduced a Social Media with Form style that lets you make use of it like an Opt-in form as well as a social popup.

Social Form Style

Social Article Style
This special style is created for bloggers and all those who wish to share their content far and wide. This is a social style especially created for you!

Social Article Style

Free Widget Slide-in Style
ConvertPlug version 2.3.1 has a special Widget Slide-in style that lets you offer all your freebies.

Free widget slide in style

Radius Option for Input Box
A formatting feature again! You can now play with the radius of the input box to alter the look and match the form.

Input box radius

Connect Input Box and Button Option
For users who wish to connect an input box with a button, we have added an option where they can be connected with a single click. In order to get this working, you will have to make sure you have selected layout 3 and have a single input box with one button on the form. To know more, click here.

Enable Input and Submit Connected option

Set a Time to Display the Close Button
For those who wish to avoid users from closing a popup immediately after it appears, ConvertPlug version 2.3.1 has introduced a feature through which you can hide the close button for a specified amount of time. This gives the user enough time to go through the context of the popup and increases the chances of conversion. To know more, click here.

Delay the close button by few seconds

Download File Option after Redirection
In the previous versions of ConvertPlug it was possible to offer a downloadable file by entering the file link under the Redirect user option. In order to make the process much easier, we have added a Download file option that can be used directly in case you wish to offer a downloadable file after submission. To know more, click here.

Download file option

Close Link Position
Close links are commonly seen on the right edge of a popup. Have you tried using it at the left side? ConvertPlug version 2.3.1 has a feature that lets you display the close link at the top left of a module.

Close link position

Display Module when user scrolls to a certain Element on the Page
This feature is meant for users who wish to display a popup when a particular element or text is visible in the view port of the screen. You can use the class name of the element or the div ID. You can add multiple class names and IDs for a single popup. To know more, click here.

Display popup after scroll_ Class name and ID

Auto close Module
Some users simple open multiple pages and go ahead reading all of them. At such times, a popup may remain open without any reaction from the user. You can automate the closing of a module by setting a particular time. ConvertPlug tracks user inactivity and closes the module automatically after the specified time. To know more, click here.

Autoclose Module

Form actions after Successful Submission
In the earlier version of ConvertPlug you were allowed to only edit the message displayed after successful submission or set a URL you wish to redirect the user to. In ConvertPlug version 2.3.1, you can now decide how you want the form to act after submission. Your form can now be hidden, reappear after a few seconds or simply do nothing. To know more, click here.

After submission actions

Initial Minimize settings for Opt-in Widget style
The Opt-in Widget style is a slide-in popup that used to appear directly on the screen. In this version, you can now display the minimized version of this style until the user clicks to open it. To know more, click here.


Style Edit Option in the Frontend
In order to make sure that the process of re-designing or editing a module becomes easier, we have introduced an edit link in the frontend of the module. This link will only be seen by logged in users who have access to ConvertPlug. You can now open the module in the customizer/ editor with a single click. To know more, click here.

Edit link on Frontend

Filter Hook for Target Page Settings
ConvertPlug already has an inbuilt setting that helps you control the target pages for a specific module. In the latest version, we allow you to over-write this feature using the filter hook for target page settings. You can add additional filters through this. To know more, click here.

HTML tags allowed in after Submission Messages
The earlier versions of ConvertPlug allowed you to display an Error message in case of failure and a thank you message or a redirection in case of successful submission. ConvertPlug version 2.3.1 allows you to add HTML tags within your messages so that you can design a beautiful thank you message after submission.

Retrieving ALT attribute for Media Images
If you are using Media Images within ConvertPlug styles, the current version makes sure it retrieves the ALT attribute you might have set for each image. This is a good practice in the SEO point of view.

These, and a many more additional features has contributed in the making of ConvertPlug version 2.3.1. Like the previous versions, this version too is a blend of beauty with many advanced features and fixes that will help you build a smooth conversion drive.

Message from the Team

It is always a pleasure improvising on a product and giving you the best we can!

We, at Brainstorm Force believe in working in bits and pieces rather than complicating the entire stuff. We pick elements and features that are most important and align them according to user demands and needs. In this version, we have focused on many suggestions, requests and fixes our users approached us with.

With a lot of new stuff like a variety of styles, additional options and improvements like resolving conflicts and the introduction of Filter hook, we have work on a number of fixes like the import issue, the Modal overlapping on other HTML containers and more.

A world class intellectual team on board, we believe in presenting you the best with every update we release.

Upgrade your Plugin and enjoy the latest version of ConvertPlug!

We are sure you will love this one; it is made just for you!

Version 2.3.0

Working on an all in one solution for lead generation and making it easy-to use, we also focus on styling and customization. This can be seen through the 100% customizable pre-designed and blank styles. Unlike the previous versions of ConvertPlug, that gave you a handful of templates and layouts that can be customized to suit your website theme and purpose, in version 2.3.0, we present to you many more styles!

Yes, you heard that right! In ConvertPlug Version 2.3.0 we focus on styling! With over 30+ new styles, including social media styles, social bars and sticky boxes, you can now try different designs to woo your customers.

These along with a few tweaks and improvements on the original Lead generation tool, builds ConvertPlug Version 2.3.0!

A few Highlights in this Version:

– New: Introduced 30+ new styles
– New: Introduced social media styles and social bars
– New: Introduced predefined images set for close image
– New: Introduced style importer which will import hotlink images in WP Media
– Improvement: Google font import / export through style exporter
– Improvement: Something went wrong email notification to administrator
– Fixed: Fatal error for memory exhausted issue, improved target pages setting
– Fixed: Form field values in customizer are not saving
– Fixed: Conflict with WooCommerce update counter
– Fixed: File permission issue while style import

30+ New Styles
In the previous versions of ConvertPlug, we had already introduced a number of pre-designed templates and layouts you could use directly or customize them according your needs. We also had a set of downloadable designs displayed on our website.


In ConvertPlug version 2.3.0, we let you import these additional styles with a single click.

New Social Media Styles and Social bars
The Social Media style has been a favorite among a number of users. In this version, we made sure we give you many more options to display your social media icons in various positions on your website.


We have special modal popups, slide-in popups and infobars too to help you display your social icons!

Predefined Images set for Close images
With a couple of images used for the close link on all the modules, we let you import customized images you could use. In ConvertPlug version 2.3.0, we give you a set of predefined images that can be used according to your needs. This in turn minimizes the task of searching or creating an appropriate image for a module.

Predefined Close link images for ConvertPlug

Style Importer to import hotlink images into WP Media
As mentioned above, ConvertPlug version 2.3.0 gives you an additional set of 30+ pre-designed styles which you need to import. You will find the newly added styles under the respective module in ConvertPlug. You can import individual styles by clicking on “Import this” seen when you hover on the style.

Google font import / export through style exporter
We found that a number of users loved importing and exporting modules in ConvertPlug. Although this carried forward all the settings and images associated with the style, the Google fonts could not be inherited directly. Users had to add the specific Google font to the collection and reset the font style in the element. A tedious task!

ConvertPlug Version 2.3.0 is introduced with a solution to this. We have made sure that the font too is imported or exported along with the other settings of a style.

“Something went wrong” Email Notification to Administrator
There might be a number of reasons why a “Something went wrong” message will be displayed. A number of potential leads could be lost when this message is displayed quite often.

In ConvertPlug version 2.3.0, we provide a helping hand to the site administrators by notifying them when such a message is displayed. ConvertPlug sends a “Something went wrong” Email notification to the administrator, who can then rectify the issue and get it working!

Memory Exhaustion Issue: Improved Target Pages Setting
It was found that the earlier versions of ConvertPlug used to load all the pages, categories, etc. and list them below. This was the reason many of our users faced the memory exhaustion error. In this version, we made sure that the ConvertPlug does not load the list unless a user types in a few characters.

Message from the Team

We, at Team ConvertPlug believe in working on what you would love presenting before your customers. We know the importance of style!

Therefore, ConvertPlug Version 2.3.0 presents to you 30+ new styles with additional social media style and social bars too! We have introduced a style importer that will import all the styles and save the images in the WP Media at the click of a button.

Taking into consideration the tedious process of adding and setting Google fonts on imported styles, we have now made sure that the fonts are exported and imported along with the respective styles.

Administrators had a trouble analyzing why the “Something went wrong” message was displayed. We now extend a helping hand to administrators to notify and guide them when this message is displayed.

We have also worked on solving the Memory Exhaustion issue by improving the target pages settings in the customizer. Thus, making your experience better!

Like all the previous versions, we present to you ConvertPlug version 2.3.0, built with a lot of love care and creativity!

Version 2.2.0

ConvertPlug Version 2.2.0 comes along with a series of newly introduced features and a few improvements too. In this version, we have introduced two important controls through which you can manage the double opt-in option for mailers and grant access to different user roles on your site.

There are also a few design features we have worked on and implemented the Partial AJAX call in the customizer to improve its performance.

A few Highlights in this version:

– New: Introduced new option to control double opt-in settings for third party mailers
– New: Introduced new setting to manage ConvertPlug dashboard access for user roles
– New: Introduced new height option for text area field in form designer
– New: Introduced new shadow option for input field in form designer
– Improvement: Partial AJAX calls in customizer to improve customizer performance
– Improvement: Odd fields support for Form Layout 2
– Fixed: Referrer detection issue

Double Opt-in Settings for Third Party Mailers
A number of mailers support double opt-ins for subscribed users. ConvertPlug Version 2.2.0 comes with a control through which you can now disable the double opt-in option for mailers. This option is available for the following mailers:

Disable Double Opt-in feature in ConvertPlug

ConvertPlug Dashboard Access to User Roles
Every site may be used by a number of users. All may not be the Administrators. In the earlier versions, the ConvertPlug Dashboard could be accessed only by the site administrator. But, version 2.2.0 lets administrators give access to the other users too.

User Role management in ConvertPlug

Height Option for Text Area in Form
ConvertPlug Version 2.0 introduced the Form Builder through which you can add multiple fields in the form. This included various form elements like the text field, text area and more. In order to improve the usability of a Text Area, Version 2.2.0 has introduced a height option through which you can control its height.

Edit Text area height in ConvertPlug

Shadow Option for Input Field in Form
In order to improve the look and feel, and the overall aesthetics of a form, in ConvertPlug Version 2.2.0, we have introduced a shadow option for all the input fields you use in a form.

Shadow option for input field in ConvertPlug

Partial AJAX calls in customizer
For all the users who wanted an even faster and better-performing customizer, we have implemented the partial AJAX call to improve the speed and performance of the customizer on the whole.

Odd Fields Support for Form Layout 2
After the introduction of the form builder in ConvertPlug version 2.0, we realized that it was difficult to merge an odd number of fields within a form with layout 2. In version 2.20, we have worked on improving the look of the form even after you select an odd number of input fields.

Form alignment for Form Layout 2

Message from the Team

With a few requests asking us to help control or disable the double opt-in option available with a few mailers, and the need for letting various site user roles access the plugin, in ConvertPlug Version 2.2.0, we worked on letting you control the behavior of the plugin, while you can also grant access to the other site users. This version also comes with an improvement in the speed and performance of the customizer and a better look for the form layout 2 with odd input fields.

Focusing more on the look and feel users might want to see, we have introduced the height option for a text area and the shadow option for all the input fields in a form.

Like all the previous versions, here too we have put in our best to deliver top-notch features you would love to work with.

Take control and explore… You will enjoy every bit of it like we did while we built it!

Version 2.1.0

In ConvertPlug Version 2.1.0, we have introduced smart triggers that let you display a module inline; before or after a post, the ConvertPlug Widget, the Countdown Modal style and the ConvertPlug Addon installer, along with a few improvements and fixes to make your experience even more pleasurable.

This update also has an important change in the method used to integrate with mailers. Integrations with all the mailers requires addons which one can install through the Addon Installer.

A few Highlights in this version:

– New: Introduced smart trigger to display module inline before / after post
– New: Introduced widget for inline display of modules
– New: Introduced new countdown style for Modal
– New: Introduced ConvertPlug Addon installer feature in plugin itself
– New: Introduced In Sync Addon for ConvertPlug
– Improvement: Load custom admin page in customizer to avoid conflicts
– Improvement: Moved inbuilt third party mailers into separate addons *
– Improvement: Load module’s JS on respective pages only
– Improvement: Display toggle button from initial load for Slide In & Info Bar
– Improvement: Provided more comparison factors for single style analytics as        like impression, conversion etc.
– Fixed: Fixed “Something went wrong” error message when user is already             subscribed.
– Fixed: Duplicate H1 issue in Module Content
– Fixed: Date select issue in Analytics
– Fixed: Reset analytics issue for multi variant styles
– Fixed: Optimized short code variables
– Fixed: Slide In z-index issue
– Fixed: Module’s trigger issue with manual launch triggers
– Fixed: Warning errors of category archive page

Smart Trigger to Display Module Inline
Unlike the previous versions, where you had to copy and paste a shortcode in order to display a module inline, Version 2.1.0 allows you to display a module before or after a post at the click of button.


ConvertPlug Widget
In the previous versions of ConvertPlug you had to use the shortcode to display a module in the widget area or the sidebar. Version 2.1.0 presents the ConvertPlug Widget that allows you to import any module within the widget area or the sidebar.


Countdown Style Modal
ConvertPlug Version 2.1.0 has brought about a change for those who wish to display a countdown on the popups or the opt-in forms. A new style has now been introduced!

Countdown-timer Modal in ConvertPlug

ConvertPlug Addon Installer
The earlier versions of ConvertPlug required some Addons that were available for free at our store. In order to reduce the steps of downloading and installing these addons, Version 2.1.0 comes with an Addon Installer that contains all the addons you might need to work with ConvertPlug. You simply need to install the addon you need.

ConvertPlug Addon Installer

In Sync Addon for ConvertPlug
ConvertPlug allows you to collect leads through various sources such as Comment forms, WP registration forms, Contact Form 7, WooCommerce and more. Therefore, unlike the other opt-in form creation tools and the older versions of ConvertPlug, ConvertPlug Version 2.1.0 has come with an opportunity for site owners to also use the other form elements on the website to capture leads.


Load custom admin page in customizer
The earlier versions of ConvertPlug used to load the entire website at the backend. In order to reduce the loading time and avoid conflicts with other elements, ConvertPlug Version 2.1.0 is launched with a custom admin page.

Custom-admin page in Customizer

Moved Inbuilt Third party mailers to Separate Addons
ConvertPlug was initially launched with a set of 8 third party mailers for direct integration, while the others required separate addons for integration. However there were several disadvantages of this such as –

1. Conflicts with other plugins that integrated common APIs & libraries
2. Unnecessary files in the package. Removal of unnecessary mailers from core package, could make the plugin size smaller.
3. Uniformity between other mailers. By having one standard procedure for all mailers, we have made things simpler and non-confusing for users.

Create campaign by installing addon in ConvertPlug

However, if you are an old user and have integrated built-in mailers, you would need to install the addon. The process is quick. See this video –

Load module’s JS on respective pages
Earlier the when a module was displayed using page level targeting, the JS was loaded on the entire website. In order to reduce the loading time caused due to this phenomenon, we have now made sure that only the JS for the respective page is loaded.

Display toggle button from initial load for Slide In & Info Bar
We had previously introduced the toggle button for slide-ins and the info bars. Instead of displaying the module first and then converting it into a toggle button when closed, site owners can now display the toggle button initially, which when clicked will display the module.



More comparison factors for single style analytics
For those who wish to view minute details about how a single style is performing, Version 2.1.0 presents a number of comparison factors seen in the analytics for every single style.

Analytics in ConvertPlug


Message from the Team

Keeping in mind the page loading issues and conflicts that many users might face, we present to you ConvertPlug Version 2.1.0 which comes along with some amazing new features, a set of improvements and a few solutions for issues we worked on.

The most important one being the method of integration with third party mailers. Users will now need to install the addons available for different mailers from the Addon Installer. With utmost care, we have ensured that the users using the earlier versions will not lose any data while they update the plugin and integrate with the respective mailer.

The most important one being the method of integration with third party mailers. Users will now need to install the addons available for different mailers from the Addon Installer. With utmost care, we have ensured that the users using the earlier versions will not lose any data while they update the plugin and integrate with the respective mailer.

Through the improvement areas we worked on making the plugin lighter, and reduce the loading time of the website.

In this update, we have worked on various issues that were raised in the previous versions.

Like always, we have put in our best to bring out the best to you. Hope you Love this too!

Version 2.0.0

Taking into account the need for multiple form fields in modules, flexi-style and social media modules, additional triggers, a better analytics experience and a few minor formatting ideas, we present to you the latest Version 2.0.0 of ConvertPlug.

A few highlights in this version:

– New: Introduced unlimited input field support for all forms & styles
– New: Introduced Flexi style for Modal, now create unlimited modal structures from one style
– New: Introduced Social Media style for Modal
– New: Introduced Referral Detection trigger in Target Visitors setting
– New: Introduced Clear Analytics functionality for all styles
– Improvement: Provided height option for Blank style modal

Multiple Input Field Support
Webmasters might want to capture lot more data than just the name and the email address of a user. The recently added Form Builder feature in ConvertPlug, lets you add custom fields and synchronize them with the fields in third party mailers.

multiple support field in field builder

Flexi style for Modal pop-ups
Flexibility in design is something we love to enhance. With the freedom to customize almost every element on a module, we now have the Flexi style. As the name suggests, this feature makes creating a designing forms even more easy and interesting.

With tabs such as the Modal layout, the Form Designer and the Form Separator, you are free to add your own personal touch to every modal you display.

Change the layout of your Modal, and customize the way your forms, text and images will be displayed on it.

Flexi style modal layout

Design the Form within your Modal. This includes the Form Builder and the Form Styling and the Form layout options.

Flexi style_form builder

With a well arranged Modal and a well-designed form, you can now use the Form Separator to make the modal look good.


Social Media Style for a Modal Popup
Wish to increase your social followers through ConvertPlug? Version 2.0.0 has introduced a Social Media Style Template for Modal Popups.

Use this to display all the Social Networks you are present on.

The newly introduced Social Networks tab allows you to include a few essential configurations, set layouts, and customize the styling along with a few advanced settings.

Social Media Style in ConvertPlug

The Referral Detection trigger
Targeting users on basis of the referring domain they have come from is no longer a pain. The Referral Detection trigger lets you identify the domain a user has come from and display a customized module that increases the chance of conversion.

Enter the domain name in the text box below and you are all set to target all the visitors that come from the website/websites mentioned there.

Referral detection trigger

Reset Analytics functionality for all styles
Wish to delete the old analytics data? In Version 2.0.0, ConvertPlug lets you reset the analytics for a particular style.

You can do so by clicking on the “Reset Analytics” button as seen below.

Reset analytics

Height option for Blank style modal
The Blank style modal has been a boon for many. It allows you to create and design attractive modals using custom code or short code.

In this version, we have added the height option in the Design tab of the Modal. You no longer need to write a code to set the height. You can simply do it through the Real Time Live Editor.

Custom Height option for Blank style

Message from the Team:

While implementing these new functionalities, we made sure that our existing clients do not lose the data they might have captured until now. We have been successful to maintain their existing data at the back-end & front-end as well.

There might be chances that you may lose placeholder alignment and face some spacing issues with the submit button. You can easily work on these by editing the style’s settings. Now you can easily control your complete form appearance.

If you’ve installed any addons, be sure to update them to the latest version.

If you are facing any issues with data sync with the third party mailers, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

We have worked hard to present this cool feature to our customers. Hope you love this too!

Version 1.1.1

– Improvement: Manual triggers support like shortcode, display inline for Info Bar & Slide In
– Improvement: Push page down support for Info Bar
– Improvement: Special pages (Frontpage / Blog Page / Search / 404 / Author / Archive) support in Target Pages setting
– Fixed: Mozilla Firefox hyperlink issue

Version 1.1.0

– New: Introduced new module – Slide In
– New: Introduced new trigger – At the end of post / page content
– New: Introduced 3 brand new Info Bar styles
– New: Introduced toggle button feature for Info Bar
– Improvement: Conversion can calculate from submit button click as well
– Improvement: Added border color option for Info Bar
– Improvement: Provided default styling for Contact Form 7 added by shortcode

Version 1.0.3

– Fixed: Compatibility issue with mod_security
– Fixed: Hyperlink issue of Info Bar module
– Fixed: Info Bar import / export issue
– Fixed: Scheduled Popup JS issue
– Fixed: TripAdvisor js blocking issue
– Improvement: Introduced new feature to display modal popup inline as a part of page content / widget
– Improvement: Provided an option to disable modules on mobile / tab devices
– Improvement: Provided an option to disable Google font loading at frontend

Version 1.0.1

– Fixed: Anchor tag color of default WP dashboard is hijacking through CP admin CSS
– Fixed: License registration not working
– Fixed: Modal / Info Bar loading priority for same trigger event
– Improvement: Custom post type support for target pages
– Improvement: Introduced new inline close link position for Info Bar
– Improvement: JS optimization
– Improvement: Quick view action button for behaviour settings