ConvertPlug Addon for Visual Composer – Version 1.0.0

Visual Composer, the responsive, easy-to-use page builder for WordPress does not need a detailed introduction. Many of us already use this to build responsive websites with a combination of various inbuilt elements and addons with it.

ConvertPlug, the WordPress plug-in that is recently launched helps webmasters transform traffic into leads. It helps create and design modules such as the modal-pop-ups, slide-ins, info-bars and more.

Introducing ConvertPlug Addons for Visual Composer
For users who have the Visual Composer along with ConvertPlug, we have now introduced the ConvertPlug Addon for Visual Composer.

– Easy-to-use User Interface
– Let’s you create well designed forms displayed within your page
– Offers Drag and drop Form Elements
– Save submitted Form Data through Connects
– Form Validations applicable for all fields
– Custom Form Actions
– Inbuilt Analytics to track performance
– A/B Testing
– Form Styling options
– Integration with Third party Mailers

Using Visual Composer? ConvertPlug has made it simpler for you to design and include forms on a page. Build Forms, add fields, design it, generate and store leads and analyze what works best with your audiences.

Webmasters can use these, to capture leads which are then stored and managed through the inbuilt lead capture tool, called Connects. Connects lets you integrate with third party mailers such as MailChimp, Active Campaign, MyEmma, MyMail, ConvertKit, HubSpot and many more.

Message from the Team:

With the introduction of ConvertPlug Addon for Visual Composer, we have mainly focused on letting our users create attractive forms that can be included within or after a post. This works same like the “Display Inline” option given in the ConvertPlug plug-in.

The Addon makes the process simpler by letting you add the form element and then the fields you wish to use. This no longer needs short codes, CSS classes or any kind of triggers. This lets you create customized forms for every page on your website.

Build a Form, Select the style, add fields, manage the layout and you are all set to capture leads and manage them through a Connects Campaign you wish to use!